It seems as though the RTS series Command and Conquer is destined for a Free-to-Play title after-all. After EA’s latest major attempt at reviving the troubled series imploded before ever reaching open beta, the idea of a new legitimate C&C title -let alone another free one- seemed to have died with it. That is until someone remembered Renegade X, a completely free fan project which aims to revitalize EA’s long lost attempt at combining an FPS with the RTS series through the release of Command & Conquer: Renegade.

Renegade X attempts to recreate the feeling of the original, by expanding on the game’s concept using the Unreal 3 engine, all while ironing out the original’s faults. Created by the mod team Totem Arts, Renegade X focuses on players working together to destroy the enemy’s base, building by building. Each structure destroyed inhibits the enemy team from using certain upgrades or vehicles types, forcing players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

The re-imagining of Renegade has been in the works for over half a decade and it shows, in a good way. The game features a staggering amount of content split between two factions with player run economies, 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and perhaps best of all, the ability to call in various nuclear/ion cannon/air strikes.

The FPS/TPS will be available to download starting on February 26th and as the developers put it, Renegade is “not F2P, not P2W, just straight up free”. Hey, that sounds good to me.

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  1. chefmadness on January 25, 2014

    looks Awesome! & I usually do not play FPS. Dose any on know the system requirements for this game SPUNK if you know let me know please min & above requirements. I would like to install this on a few PC’s in my house so we can all make accounts & jam on this game!!! Let me know please.

  2. Ryan M on January 22, 2014

    I still have the original on disc in a box somewhere.

  3. ugurano on January 22, 2014

    looks awesome with planet side 2

  4. KyuZwei on January 22, 2014

    If it’s as good as it looks it would seem we can really revive C&C to a quality title… can’t wait.

  5. LordAnubis on January 22, 2014

    looks great only prob is some dbag will come and make hax for it and then ruin the game for all the legit players 🙁

  6. RedThunder on January 22, 2014

    Finally! I still remember the time when i used to play Renegade.. and this seems to be way better!

  7. GamingMaster on January 22, 2014

    Ah C&C Renegade 🙂 good times I remember playing that game for hours

  8. hack3rXXL on January 22, 2014

    Finaly something good

  9. Zyphed on January 22, 2014

    Holy crap 🙂 That looks sweet. I can see their servers die under the traffic allready 🙂
    This looked more like some cool Battlefield mix rather than Planetside2 to me and all of that in the C&C Universe. Plus it looking pretty damn polished.

    So gonna play this!

  10. Merkadis on January 21, 2014

    Wait.. that reminds me of a certain game… what was it’s name again… ah there it is:

    ^ it seems “their” idea is from this game, but it’s actually pretty fun idea when i played parkan series i really enjoyed the stuff.

    • Curst on January 21, 2014

      You’ve never heard of Command & Conquer – Renegade, have you..? Because this game is a direct (even though not exactly official) heir to and the closest relative to C&C – Renegade. Not Parkan, not PlanetSide 2.

      • Merkadis on January 22, 2014

        Command & Conquer: Renegade
        Release date(s)
        NA February 26, 2002
        EU March 1, 2002

        Parkan – video game series starting 1997
        Short work to see who got whose ideas.
        And yes i did play renegade too, just forgotten a bit.

  11. Pieareround on January 21, 2014

    I am absolutely going to play this. I’ve been in the market for a different shooter for a while, because honestly, Blacklight and Planetside 2 are pretty much the only two options, and only having two options gets boring after a while.

  12. kkkkk on January 21, 2014

    Its like planetside2, but in CQC world,

  13. Boom! on January 21, 2014

    Is it me or is just like a PLANETSIDE 2?!?!

    • Curst on January 21, 2014

      Similarities end at both of them being shooters with different character classes and vehicles.

  14. rockandroll89 on January 21, 2014

    finally something I get really get my hands on and play soon. I tired planet side 2 but isnt for me and didnt enjoy it at all. Hopefully this game is able to be fun, till then I got some killing to do in tf2 (team fortress 2).

  15. Tuga4Ever on January 21, 2014

    mmmm MOUNTED??!!!