Nothing Says “Happy New Year” To World Of Warships Players More Than Aircraft Carriers

A new line of U.S. aircraft carriers is now available in Early Access.

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World Of Warships Aircraft Carriers

How do you celebrate the new year when your strategy game is all about war and strategy? You give players new vehicles to conduct battles with. Today, Wargaming announced a new line of U.S. aircraft characters has been added to World of Warships in Early Access as part of the game’s first update for 2024. Update 13.0 also continues the construction of the Italian cruiser Michelangelo and introduces a new version of the Bounty Hunt event, among other things.

There are three new aircraft carriers available for players to obtain: the Tier VI Independence, the Tier VIII Yorktown, and the Tier X Essex. Their air groups are limited to one standard squadron of torpedo bombers which are supplemented with two tactical squadrons that are a mix of attack aircraft and dive bombers.

As mentioned above, the update adds plenty of new content – or brings some back. There’s a new version of the Bounty Hunt event, which will go live on February 1. Ranked Battles are also back with Season 15 kicking off in just two days, and new Brawls arrive on January 15. Another returning feature is hololive production featuring several popular Vtubers. Details on the update can be found in the patch notes.

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