The developers of DC Universe Online are looking for a bit of player feedback on what they’ve been up to. No, they’re not asking for comments on Twitter, Reddit, or the game’s forums — although I’m sure if they looked at those they’d find plenty of feedback. But, it seems they’re looking for something particular.

In fact, the team has put together a survey of thirteen questions — well twelve and one “give us general feedback” option. Overall, the survey feels pretty generic, wanting to know if players approve of the way they’re doing things, asking the typical “how likely are you to recommend us to a friend”, and wanting to know how players feel about the latest update. It also inquires as to the player’s system of choice, whether or not they’re subscribed, and their age.

The whole thing should only take a few minutes to fill out, so if you’d like to share your opinion with the devs, pop over there and fill it out.

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  1. Worst UI in the industry. Is there a game underneath all those damage numbers and player names? Compounded by the fact WE CANT RESIZE OR MOVE ANY UI ELEMENTS. Most of the viewport is dominated by ridiculously big UI elements – RATHER THAN SUPERHERO ACTION COMBAT!

    i love DCUO but i suffer with it… sours the entire game for me

  2. Your doing awesome. But you need to bring out survival mod with elite setting . need to separate the high and noobs for the low cr high so try hards . those noods can’t hang

  3. Hi so think DCUO should add more free powers and weapons like nun Chuck’s or whips or something and the new powers should be like invisibility or something like that


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