Cryptic Games has released more information about their upcoming Neverwinter class addition, the Oathbound Paladin. Playing the role of either tank or healer, the Oathbound Paladin uses the usual array of auras and divine calls to boost the abilities and health of your party or to just run directly into the fray and keep enemies busy.

The Oathbound Paladin’s Paragon paths include the Oath of Protection or the Oath of Devotion. The Oath of Protection turns the Paladin into a powerful tank who can protect allies and avert harm. Protection Paladins focus very heavily on generating a large amount of threat and generating Temporary Hit Points and protective shields that allow them to shrug off damage and keep fighting. Paladins who take an Oath of Devotion can channel powerful holy energies to heal their allies and mend their wounds.

Check out the full moves list on the official Neverwinter site and get ready to test the Oathbound Paladin on Neverwinter’s preview server soon.

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