The latest Closers Online update has arrived, introducing the Ocean King Asmodeus and her minions as the game’s latest bosses. Rather than waiting on players to come to her, Asmodeus, “The Legion Commander of Affection on Rampage” (or authority of lust) is coming to them.

To meet this new boss and her officers, players will need to take on the last Quest of Eroding Mist, The Foretold Invitation-Swaying Curtains. This can be accessed via Count D of Fantasy World: Dream Theater, provided the player is level 87 or higher and has cleared the Warning of New Stage.

Asmodeus’s minions, 1st Officer Lorelei, 2nd Officer Davy Jone, and 3rd Officer Plop can be encountered in the Holy Place of the Ocean King, either as individual bosses or a chain boss. Asmodeus herself will appear in the “Audience with Asmodeus” raid.

As always, a new update means new events. In this case an attendance event and a dungeon clearance event. Both kick off today and last until April 7. The attendance event will reward players for every day they log in up to 20 days, while dungeon clearance will reward players for clearing dungeons a certain amount of times, beginning with 10 and ending at 500. A rundown of both events, dungeons, new gear, and more is available on the Closers site.

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