Metro Conflict, the free to play FPS from OGPlanet, has moved into open beta. Players can now visit the official game site and jump into the fray immediately. This open beta will last for a week and then the game will officially launch on June 29th.

Open beta will include 8 playable classes, 12 maps, and 4 different game modes and is also available on Steam, however the game is restricted to North American and European audiences only.

Taking part in open beta will score you a gold knife skin when Metro Conflict officially releases and beta players will have the opportunity to have their names etched into the “Beta Hall of Fame” as 5 categories will be measured and the top 100 players in each category will displayed.

Check out the official Metro Conflict site to get started.

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  1. I like the game, its fast and fun. It might not be the most complex out there but its still fun. I like the art style.

  2. BRAINLESS asians again bring same shit, braindead fps for half year till down, EAT CARROTS STOP CLONE SAME SHITS and waste cash!

    • So u don’t the games that we brainless asians produce, then stop whining and stfu and go play the games that your country produces

      • Since it pisses you off so much, I think we’ll decline your suggestion and continue mocking Korean/Chinese companies that think these failed abortions they call F2P games are acceptable. Maybe when you run your own video game site you can make the rules and tell people what they can or can’t say, but until then you can suck it up.

      • Lol the salt is real he so mad. “Hurr stop whining and stfu” u mad kid? Cry more. Inhale my dong, enragement child.

  3. this game…I tried 3 classes. Rifle, Sniper, and Shotgun. I’d say game is pretty meh, TDM maps are like crossfire remakes (all korean/chinese FPS clones share this feature…) It somehow feel like this game is trying to be CS and COD at the same time…Player movements looks weird like sliding on ice in someway..very unnatural..

    Rifle: Gun play is horrible, something about the gun shooting animation is really bad. Recoil is..I don’t even..if you ADS with a optic, expect it to be almost unusable..

    Sniper: By far the most fun until you are paired to a AWP player on the other team. The gun play is pretty much the same as CS maybe..but as a novice player of this game, your sniper rifle is like CS scout. and the level 10 guy has an AWP….Aiming for the head is your only chance..and I’m just okay at doing that. hitboxes are bad, like if I see a person’s shoulder sticking out a little, it won’t register as a hit because it count as a wall hit.

    Shotgun: no skill class, just run and no aiming required pew pew pew

  4. O boy an ogplanet game.

    Who wants to hold bets for how long this game is going to be on their service before they scrap it?

    • Word is, OGPlanet wants nothing less than for this game to become an e-sport and to reap the popularity that comes with it. I got some bad news for OGPlanet, ’cause nobody is taking this mediocre turd seriously.

  5. i tried it today, it really feels like counter strike 1.6 remastered, or maybe source… i miss not being able to sprint and having to buy different characters in order to use more than two weapons is kind of a let down for me

    i tried liking it, but i just couldnt

    event if its made by red duck, the same people who made AVA, the AVA gameplay is still far superior – you can shoot while moving and weapons have realistic recoil

    in this game i had M4A1 and i could just spray and still kill people, i also tried moving and shooting, but that works really bad, most people get kills by crouching without moving and shooting

    im not saying its a bad game, its just not for my taste


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