Once Again, Players Of A Tank-Focused Game Leak Classified Documents To Win An Online Argument

Documents for a Chinese weapon were posted on the War Thunder forums.

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War Thunder Leaked Documents

This seems to be happening a lot lately, and we’re sure that the world’s various governments don’t appreciate having their secrets posted on video game sites. But, that’s apparently how things go now. Most recently, a player of War Thunder got caught up in an argument with another player and decided to prove their point by posting documents on an anti-tank round owned by the Chinese military – the DTC10-125.

According to Polygon, these documents were authentic. The information on them wasn’t exactly anything new, according to defense analysts. However, the actual documents weren’t available publicly until that point. They’re no longer available on the game’s forums at the time of this writing, but, this being the internet, they’re probably floating around somewhere.

For those wondering what the weapon in question does, it’s a “kinetic energy penetrator”. This means it’s designed to punch holes in tanks and put them out of action.

Funny thing is this isn't even the first time this has happened...or hell, even the second time it's happened!

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