Cryptic Studios Neverwinter MMO was released into open beta today which means no more wipes, way more content and a chance once again to stab people in their shins as a halfling.

I got a chance to play the open beta during the Founder’s open beta headstart and promptly wasted that time rerolling 3 times. Regardless, it was quite fun and the re-leveling was add easier by my use of the Foundry quests, which were at times flat out better than the main storyline quests both in presentation and writing (which is often hilarious). Cryptic even rewards players for doing Foundry content at regular intervals with additional XP, a nice touch that encourages players to try out the community’s hand crafted content.

And for those of us who think about our characters while we aren’t even playing, the open beta adds a new way for us to nerd out. The Neverwinter Gateway is a web portal that allows players to remotely check their character’s stats, further their crafting, use the auction house, open their mail, and check in on their guild’s activity. For me one of the most useful features is actually being able to access the crafting since Neverwinter’s crafting is time based (similar to EvE Online’s skill progression).

For those interested in delving into the world of DnD with Cryptic’s Neverwinter you can do so by visiting the official site here.

I’ll be personally on throughout the day (4/30) most likely rocking my third rerolled character. If you’d like to chat or just party up (if you are around my level) just look for the Guardian Fighter named Kingslayer. I am a nerd, I know.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Tip: when you open the launcher go to options, click “disable on demand patching” you will download some extra content. Also, for those who wonder this game is not “P2W”

  2. so valindra shadowmantle (from the drizzt books) is leading the undead army attacking neverwinter? i havnt read the neverwinter saga yet so idk if its in there but i did just read about wen she became a litch. Also will drizzt be making an appearence in this game

  3. mine was a 3.14 gb download only took me 10 mins though i didnt do the offical tors those were way to slow i have been playing the game and was wondering what the hype was about mybe ill see it when i reach lvl 20

  4. Ey! mmobomb can you us a giveaways for neverwinter as part of your so called “2nd anniversary”, well i think many ppl will be so delighted by that!!

  5. downloader is laggy, 5kb´´s since yesterday … that sucks, torrent is also slowly … any suggestion?

  6. so much waiting time .. It would be easier to just make NA and EU servers.. If they let a lot of people in beta before the launch we wouldn’t have this problem … anyway i’m in queue No. 1639 atm …

  7. I bought the 200 dollar founders pack and a 60 dollar one during closed beta.And the so called vip access,that’s suposed to let you jump to the front of the que.Is complete bs.I login it says I’m 1267 in the que i wait 1 minute and im pushed all the way back to 3678 in que.WTF seriously cryptic i spent 260 dollars on your game before during the closed beta period and all the cheap bastards that haven’t spent any money get a bigger priority on login.That’s right Cryptic lied,just when i thought maybe they learned their lesson about screwing people over they pull this bs.And I can’t get a refund cause both Cryptic and PWE are ahole companies.I uninstalled the game and will never support Cryptic in any way,shape or form ever again.

    • So you quit a game after spending $260 because you can’t wait a few minutes? *Clap* BTW The que will jump in a higher position but that isn’t your actual position and would go back to showing you in your real position. Also, try to think that you’re not the only one that got the founder so don’t expect to jump to #1 in que.

    • Instance-based is fine with me as long you don’t have to do the same instances 20 times like in WoW. I’d rather run instances than do those dumbass “open-world” quests. You know, the “Go kill 5 turtles and bring me the shells” non-sense.

    • Yup yup, been saying that. Everything is instanced, like Dragons Nest. Heck even GW2 is all instanced but their areas were a lot bigger than the ones in Neverwinter. What ever happened to massive sandbox open worlds? Ah well, just another thing about Neverwinter that makes the game meh, outside of graphics and boring gameplay.

      • Dkuang, i’m guessing you’ve tried the game and then completely failed at actually getting the concept of the game. The game is partly instance-based and open world. It has many thing to offer the mmorpg world. Of course, it can’t please everyone and in-fact. It doesn’t have boring gameplay as you’re stating. You’re stating it without a single shred of proof or reason. Actually play the game for longer than 2 seconds and know what an mmorpg is.

        • I’m guessing you’ve never played the game or any other mmorpg then too? If you played Neverwinter you know about all its down falls and its open beta now so you can if you haven’t, and find your own proof. This isn’t court and I don’t find the need to explain the games failings that have been repeated multiple times, by multiple people, on multiple sites. However since you’re too derp here take this, shitty 4th edition rules, limited and very bad customization of your characters, graphics aren’t that great but gameplay doesn’t really make up for it, game isn’t and doesn’t feel like DnD at all and if you removed the Neverwinter name off of it. It’ll just be another “meh” mmorpg released, but obviously it’s going to be a money pot since the Forge and the fact it has Neverwinter/DnD attached to it. All the fanbois will be all over this to live their digital DnD dreams, be it poor ones.

          • All i got from that was: I have overly high standards and nothing will satisfy me… weh weh weh~

            Srsly… I can pass over the bit with the “4th edition rules” because i don’t know that much about dungeons and dragons to give an inference about it. But seriously… “limited and very bad customization”? Most mmorpgs barely have any. Hell… I’m thankful if an mmo at least has a hair option. Complaining about graphics sounds childish and in my point of view the second to last thing I care about and it’s gameplay is just fine, much better than playing a point and click game… As for whether or not the game should be a DnD game or not, is a pointless comment, Seeing that as far as i know DnD was 5% rules, 5% lore and 90% imagination so people’s mileage varied.

            Enough with the elitist bs plz? It’s disgusting…

    • I like instance based games. It keeps games running smooth & I agree w rarefoot on the whole kill 10 of this & 5 of that. It also keeps assholes like you from playing it. XD just kidding. I know 2 game developers & instance based games are way easier to code & you can add content easier as well. I just don’t think it should have the D&D Neverwinter brand on the game. DDO is way better when it comes to toon development & leveling. & if you remember all Neverwinter games had multi classing system not cookie cutter crap classes. But in my review of this game It give it a 6 out of 10.

      • That’s the craptacilur 4th edition of DnD for ya.Even the table top version neverwinter is based off is nothing but cookie cutter classes.

      • If you didn’t read this is based on R.A. Salvatore’s novels..not the Neverwinter Nights games. Secondly, while I appreciate that you prefer getting attached to your characters through deeper development, Cryptic had stated their target time for most of the instanced adventures is about 20-or-so minutes. If that didn’t tip you off, let me spell it out for you–the game is meant to be quick paced and that means not spending hours pondering “what spell should I pick” or “where should I put these ability scores”. I’ve played DDO and I, like many others, have spent an inordinate amount of time poreing over the forums reading guides on classes just so I don’t GIMP my character. DDO is very unforgiving later on in the game and if you’ve borked your skills and ability scores you will be utter crap. Neverwinter was designed to avoid this flaw so we don’t have idiots screaming about how the game is “too hard” or “only works for cookie cutter builds” that other people, I may add, have designed.

        So lemme clarify; you criticize Neverwinter for cookie cutter classes but if you’ve played beyond epic levels in DDO (20+) you would know full well that not just *any* choices for how you build your char will work. Dozens of guides on specific builds on DDO’s forums are a testament to that. Don’t be a hypocrite.

        • Dude 4ed SUCKS ASS!!! Gary is rolling in his grave. I been playing D&D for 25 years & every D&D video game had multi classing except for a very rare few. I totall agree with DDO being hard to lev up ur toon if you dont know what ur doing but that’s what wiki’s are for. i am so tierd of every mmorpg being nothing but cookie cutter classes hell there should be more that let you choose your own path. & i’m not talking gayple story crap. games really need more toon development to play ur own style. it’s awesome to have a healer/ tank that can cast a fireball once in a while. Oh & i been playing DDO since beta. So stick it.

  8. Get ready for a 5000+ queue (AKA about 40 min to 1 hour wait), because that’s how many people are trying to get on right now lol


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