If you’re looking to show little to no mercy to bands of Orcs then you probably share the same sentiments and life goals as Robot Entertainment, creators of Orcs Must Die! Unchained. The devs based out of Plano, Texas have been hard at work finding new ways to dispatch waves upon waves of the nameless brutes during the games closed Alpha which has been ongoing since at least April. Now the studio is ready to broaden OMD’s testing pool and invite new waves of closed beta participants starting on June 27th.

Described as a “fast-paced Fortress Siege game”, Orcs Must Die! Unchained plays closer to a PvP version of the original series and less like a moba. The transition from alpha to beta will bring a new map, 3 new heroes and a new deck editor that will allow players to select from an ever expanding roster of collectible cards which grant access to OMD’s two main forms of customization; trap loadouts and minion wave types.

Players can already pay for Alpha access through the use of Founder’s Packs starting at a baseline price of $19.99 and notably come with codes for both original games in the Orcs Must Die series which makes it one of the better Founder’s Packs available if you don’t already own the originals. Still, nothing beats free which is why we’re giving out 10 Alpha codes for Orcs Must Die Unchained! These codes will get you into the game before it officially launches into closed beta.

To enter, leave a comment below explaining why you think Orcs Must Die. Make sure to use a real email when leaving your comment otherwise we won’t be able to email you. Winners will be announced below on Friday June 20th after 3PM Pst.

EDIT: Congrats to the winners below! Be sure to check your emails.


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  1. Orc must die cause in reality they are ducks !And they are friends with barrels ! thtas what’s Stephano say to me but keep it secret !;D

  2. Why Orcs Must Die?
    Well, all reasons aside for being big, green, smelly, ugly and quite similar to us.
    It’s simple, have you ever tried to kill a horde of orcs?
    Try it.
    It’s REALLY FUN!

  3. Orcs must die because they kidnap and eat little kids. Also, they have the power to rule the world so we should stop them.

  4. The Order, an elite faction of wizards and warriors guard the Rifts, magical openings between the human world and the Dead World, which provide a source of magical power throughout both worlds. Using this power, the Order is able to maintain a perfect world for humanity by using magic to manipulate nature.

    The Orcs a brutish horde of creatures are usually unintelligent, but they gain great strength and intelligence from a sorceress that was a student of the Order. She chose to seek power for herself and used magic to seize control of the Orcs. And that is why the Orcs have to die now!

  5. Orcs not need to die… They Musssssst to Die !!! Why ? ill tell you why Beacuse they don’t have Glue for me to give and that’s beacause i let them out of my Cage and they Stole….. My Glue 🙁

  6. Orcs must die every single time due to their behaviour ,they keep climbing to my base. So i have to slaughter em using my spin attacks & placing my machinery everywhere to try & stop em.

  7. orcs must die because in alot of MMO’s Orcs have the best strength stats and I like playing warriors so I need that strength but they’re just so dam ugly!

    • Back in 2007 Shrek kick my ass in that movie, it is time to get even. Vengeance is the best when it is served 7 years later XD

  8. Orcs must die because… why must orcs die? cant we all just get along?
    Would love the beta im a huge fan of the series 🙂

  9. Orcs must die? D: but they just wanna be understood…

    but if orcs must die, its probably because they stole mah book, in dat case,

  10. Orcs must die because they stole my sandwich.

    Only once all the Orcs are dead will my hunger be satisfied, or when they replace my sandwich….

    I wonder what Orc meat sandwich tastes like?

  11. orcs must die because simply they’re orcs.think about movies in fantasy worlds without anyone making stupid stuff or isnt dieing.Orcs are born to die pretty much 😀

  12. Orcs Must Die because they didnt invite me to their Tea Party! D:
    Now I have to rip their heads off and hang it over my fireplace.

  13. They murder, conquer, shed blood, and destroy the souls of their enemies that’s why Orcs Must Die again. Orcs Must Die was an awesome game, can’t wait to experience the new upgrades and characters.

  14. Since I really enjoyed the previous parts of OMD, i’d really love to zug zug the hell out of these Orcs again. Also, having the opportunity to play with characters which were considered as enemies in first two games is intriguing. Daaboo!

  15. Orcs must die because they have very large teeth and can hurt people, also want to conquer the world and we can not let something like that.

  16. Those filthy greenskins must die because they keep trying to get into my dang rift, and the traps aren’t wor-

    Dis is ork. We killed ’em.

  17. You remember when they claimed it free to play months ago? Free to play as you have to buy a founders pack in order to play this game. Nice try..

    • You know its ALPHA! Every game in ALPHA has a founders pack and second you can apply to the cb or ALPHA and you might be chosen!

  18. Those Orcs stole my war boxers of legendary power! All that i ask is that you let a warrior fight for his underwear! My pride is on stake!

  19. Orcs Must Die because they make excellent orc skin shoes , however they are very mad and try to invade us now we must do teamwork to stop them its another reason they must die , the orcs are dumb they are attracted mostly to shiny objects and ofcurse our women’s , lately our women’s find the orc large penis more attractive and stronger in full erection so yea we must kill this mtfkers before we are going to have half orcs

  20. Well the Orcs Must Die because
    they are great threat. They are strong, big, armed with huge weapons, and they are Mercilless Beasts who try to destroy anything in their way and we need to t to protect this world and protect the people in this world so to beat them down and knock them back where they belong and to do this we need to Team up. And THATS why Orcs Must Die!
    and the Orcs Must Die! because they will bring Trolls with them to the battlefield

  21. Because they are a threat. Bigger, stronger, faster. Armed with huge weapons, teeth, and muscles.. They can one-hit crush you, and destroy everything you know or love. Ruthless, roaring, berserking beasts, with no feeling of guilt or regret. We need to team up and slay them, because there can be no tomorrow. That’s why Orcs Must Die!

  22. They must die because they are a species of unintelligent creatures who pillage all the things with their many body types mutton.

  23. Long , long ago , the Orcs attacked the young village of Hawkoria. Stomping and charging , the invaders had no mercy and our otherwise peaceful village became a battleground. Defenseless ,our friends , families , they all fell under the wicked weapons of the forsaken Orcs. I managed to run away , but the screams of my people kept me restless for many nights. And so , after the Orc raid , our land was no more. I have sworn that I would avenge my family, that I would put an end to all the murders….but alas, to stop the fire we must use fire, and take the war to these damned Orcs…
    Orcs must die.

  24. I don’t see any particular reason to eradicate orcs. They didn’t really do anything when they first entered the rifts. But I wonder if orc meat tastes good. Mhmm…

  25. Orcs must die so that we can have even more weapons and traps to have fun with, and let’s face it. Who wants to play a game called “Orcs must live”?

  26. Orc Must Die, or they will rise against us. And if they do that, then god help us, for no man, woman, or child will be safe from the hands of these beings hell bent on capturing us and making us watch The Room on a loop. Please save us. Save us all!

  27. “There is no remedy, sir, but you must die: the
    general says, you that have so traitorously
    discovered the secrets of your army and made such
    pestiferous reports of men very nobly held, can
    serve the world for no honest use; therefore you
    must die. Come, headsman, off with his head.”

    All’s Well That Ends Well IV, 3 William Shakespeare

  28. Orcs Must Die because they’re better at smashing things than I am. That just shouldn’t happen so I will smash them in return.

  29. Orcs must die cuz otherwise we die if we give mercy to them .. oh no… we must be alive … them must die of course.. when they die, we advance to other level… til the victory … 🙂

  30. orcs must die, because they are green, destructive, abrasive, ans make a really nice squishing sound when you hit them with hammers.

  31. Orcs, those soulless green demons, that wander leading agony and despair throughout their path and so disrespecting the human honor, and that is enough reason to say: Orcs must die!

  32. A good Orc wouldn’t be an Orc. Enslavement and corruption by the Enemy is mandatory for the Orc condition.
    This corruption, is why we orcs must die!


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