Orcs Must Die Unchained

Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die! Unchained is heading into its second closed beta phase, and it’s providing players with plenty of new ways to slice, dice, and mash orcs into a thick, gooey paste that will liven up any meal.

In response to player feedback, several major changes have been implemented and content added, including:

  • Characters are now labeled as “attackers” or “defenders,” making it easier to coordinate strategy
  • The new Trait Builder allows for more character customization, and characters level up during battle, unlocking more abilities
  • To help players react better, game tempo has been reduced and some skills have had their animations lengthened
  • A new map, the Unchained Fortress, puts players on the orcs’ home turf, in a circular map with hidden paths
  • In addition, Founder’s Packs will no longer be available and all player progress will be wiped. Players will retain any gold they’ve accumulated, with the value of purchases being refunded, as well as any skins they acquired via special offers. You can read the producer’s letter here or just skip straight to the patch notes.


    1. Couldn’t agree more with the previous comment. Very pay to win and extremely unbalanced as things stand. The only way to alleviate this is if OMD: U gets a critical mass of players when it goes gold so that matches can consist of comparable levels. However, the learning curve of this game is quite steep and I’m not sure if this game will ever have a mass audience. Everything I’ve seen of the development seems to be catering to the hardcore and not in building a game that is simple to pick up, yet difficult to master.

      Hopefully OMD3 is on the horizon and in a similar format as the first two. It wasn’t broken so not sure why they’re trying so hard to fix it.

    2. I was one of the first people ever invited to the alpha/beta of this game…

      I have to say, it is extremely pay to win, and if you don’t play A LOT at the beginning you will be crushed by people that have played a lot already and have unlocked everything.

      It’s just one of those games where you either pay or you get demolished for 1000 games until you are at the level of the higher end people, so if you want to enjoy this game, prepare to get stomped until you have enough skulls for high end stuff.

      It’s a very innovative game, and I love the series, it makes me sad that this game is so pay to win. A lot of others feel this way too, most people quit quickly after installing which makes it even harder to find matches vs people with nothing (just like you).

      • I also just wanted to add, if they go the “Dead Island: Epidemic” route and make a PVE mode alongside the PVP mode, I think this game will be amazing.

        A lot of people will not give this game a chance because it is 1) a MOBA, and 2) pay to win, to alleviate this, a PVE mode would be amazing… Not to mention everyone loves Orcs Must Die 1 & 2, making a PVE game mode (aka Orcs Must Die 3) in the game, would attract SO MANY people.

        If PVE is not implemented, this game will die, quote me on that.

        Just look at Dead Island: Epidemic, the PVE saved that game from extinction, now this game needs it too.


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