Every group of super serious fighters needs that one guy that’s super optimistic and so damned cheery that all the gruff veterans of the group calls them “kid” and rolls their eyes at them throughout most of the conversation. It appears that this role has been filled in Paladins by a Ska’drin named Talus.

Primarily designed for Flank play, Talus features a variety of abilities that allow him to get around the map quickly — and possibly cause a little damage while doing it. These include everything from a charge that deals 600 damage and a knockback to any enemies he hits, to a teleport that will allow them to return to a marked location. (As a bonus the teleport also cleanses any effects Talus may have been hit with prior to using it.)

Talus arrives in Paladins as part of today’s patch which also makes several technical and gameplay changes, as well as squashing several bugs. Changes include things like enabling DX11 screen resolution scaling,
and adjusting mounts so that the direction they move matches that of the character riding them. The full set of patch notes is available on the Paladins site. Those wanting a closer peek at how adorable — yet slightly obnoxious — Talus is can watch the video below.

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