Everyone’s favorite 16-year old, mech driving, professional gamer is making her way out of Overwatch and into the Nexus. D.Va joins Heroes of the Storm accompanied by her pink MEKA and has abilities based on whether she’s piloting the mech or fighting on foot.

Possibly one of the best abilities, at least from a cuteness factor, is the Bunny Hop. Much like it sounds, this ability has D.Va hopping around (while in MEKA). As cute as it looks, it sucks if you’re caught in its wake as it slows you down while dealing damage. D.Va can also use the mech as a weapon by setting it to self-destruct and hitting the boosters to project it further.

A full rundown of D.Va’s abilities is available in the video above.

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  1. Aaaaand she is actually 19. She became the #1 player at the age of 16 in Starcraft, according to her background story… These can be found on the Overwatch Wiki… Quite clearly in fact…


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