Hi-Rez’s upcoming free-to-play game Paladins is officially in Open Beta as of today. The team-based shooter, announced in August of last year, has been in production over the last several months, taking input from the community in order to create the ideal competitive game. Now, the company feels it has progressed far enough to be ready for Open Beta status and has even opened it up to players on Steam.

The Open Beta phase will introduce several changes including a new player interface, a new match lobby, and the Enchanted Forest map. Players will also have the ability to mix skins on a champion, giving themselves a unique look. In addition to these changes, Hi-Rez has announced plans for Paladins servers located across the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Fans of Steam will be happy to know that the game will launch on the platform with Steam achievements in place. Those who are Team Fortress 2 fans as well should make good use of the Engineer skin available for Barik — which can be unlocked by playing 5 games via Steam.

To join in on the Open Beta, download the game via the Paladins site or on Steam.

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  1. Played both. Overwatch is worth the money and better because you get all the heroes and its balanced. As some who has played hirez smite since its first year I can honestly say they suck at balance . In overwatch they have put alot of thought into the design and do most of there balancing before throwing it out there . With hirez games they just chuck op shit out there let people use it to dominate then nerf nerf nerf then do it all over agian. And yes failadins is a rip off of overwatch. They charge for every little thing to . So am I will to spend 40 buck one time to get it all and a great game hell yes. Over watch is a well thought out balanced game that surprised me I have never liked blizzard all that much and hated over watch because of the price until I actually tried it . The value is obvious . Paladins took me 2 days to play and get bored

    • Agreed. I never knew about paladins but I’m glad I already bought my copy of overwatch. But for those kids who can’t afford it then paladins could be a good free alternative I guess but I didn’t know they charged money for every little thing but after looking at the site I’m not suprised. Blizzard only charges money for loot crates and you can even earn loot crates ingame for free other then buying overwatch everything in it is free in the game. But paladins isn’t worth it now that I’ve read up about it but if you can’t buy overwatch and really wanna play it then this could be a good alternative I guess.

    • I get your point. But the lack of originality in this game is just disgusting IMO, the direct ripoff of some of the characters is just too obvious.

    • So true it’s pretty obvious it’s a rip off of overwatch. Which is why it’s a good alternative incase you can’t afford it since this version is free 2 play.

      • it was more fun than overwatch for me

        overwatch i played for 30 minutes and deleted forever
        this i played for 5 hours and deleted forever

      • I actually felt the same but in my opinion overwatch is kinda more fun but I really recommand paladins champions of the realm if you can’t afford overwatch because it’s really just like overwatch and it’s also free 2 play and it has some differences between the 2 titles but since I haven’t played paladins champions of the realm I haven’t seen much differences between overwatch and paladins champions of the realm besides the business model and the fact that paladins champions of the realm is on steam.

      • Overwatch was in beta a year after Paladins, you cant even say its a rip off because every video game studio is jerking off the team based shooter model, of course they’re going to be similar


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