During today’s patch preview show, a new Champion was announced for Hi-Rez’s free-to-play shooter Paladins — Vivian: The Cunning. Vivian is a damage class with the ability to lay down a huge amount of DPS. She’s what the developers describe as a potential “tank buster” and features the second highest ammo count in the game — all tied to a fully automatic weapon. She’s not without protection either, as she carries her own personal shield.

The reveal video for Vivian can be found below. However, if you’d like to hear all her technical details, you can find them in the latest Paladins stream. Her information can be found around the 59 minute mark.

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  1. Developers are working so hard to break the balance of the game, while it’s also full of game-breaking bugs and the matchmaking is just unbelievably bad.
    Tanks can already be easily blown away if your team is not complete garbage, and with the rework of the Wrecker mod, tanks will just become irrelevant, and instead, people will use multiple healers. (Wrecker now gives up to +250% damage against shields, but they play to make it give damage against tanks up to +30%, while they also play to reduce the base health of shields by 60-70%).

    It’s like HiRez somehow pushes out new champions in an insane hurry, disregarding anything about the game. Every new champions is comes out completely unbalanced, either ridiculously strong or ridiculously weak, and are blocked from ranked for weeks, while they patch the stuff up. But they also “rework” older champions in the same, badly though out manner, which are instantly available for ranked, hell, the changes are not even highlighted in the patch notes, so people are surprised that suddenly, all of their loadouts are gone and it’s basically a completely different champion (the documentation of the game is terrible, to say the least).

    While the forums are filled with people, the development of the game seems completely non-responsive to feedback, except from a small number of selected players.
    I hope they will notitce, that many of their oldest players are leaving, along with bad Steam reviews, so they somehow fix things before everything crashes down…


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