It’s no secret that Paladins players aren’t happy with it. Players have been open about their dislike of Cards Unbound since it was announced.

That said, it’s still there, and players are finding new ways to vent their frustration with the system… and express themselves artistically… in the Paladins subreddit. If you hop over there now, you’ll find the front page of the subreddit filled will art of questionable quality (okay, some of it is actually pretty good) all asking for one thing, the elimination of Cards Unbound.

Most of the works were obviously cobbled together quickly, but it’s pretty easy to get the point.

Others try to offer a bit more information, but still have the same goal.

And, like I said. There are some really good pieces. But they’d still like to see Cards Unbound go away.

Sometimes, the best way to get your point across is with humor. Of course, we’ll see.

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  1. Best protest, I hope it works, haven’t tried the new card system yet cause I played before it, so not much opinion it, but if the mass of the fanbase has a problem it can’t be good.


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