The new season for Paladins has kicked off, and it’s going to be a calamity. No, that’s not our take on the content but the actual title of the thing.

Season 4: Calamity adds a new champion, Yagorath, the Devourer, who is “momentarily weakened by the futile actions of a broken goddess” but still endeavors “to consume – absolutely.” I mean, you should see what she did to our Super Bowl snack spread. There wasn’t a Dorito left to be found …

Yagorath is a front-line fighter that spits corrosive acid and fires explosive needles, and can hunker down on a capture point, toughening herself and healing nearby allies. Her ultimate ability, Devour, pulls a nearby enemy in, and if they don’t take out her substitute health pool in a few seconds … nom!

The new season naturally comes with a new season of ranked play and a new season pass, with rewards such as a Soul-Stealer Furia skin and the Golden Gryphon Mount. Outside of the pass, new mastery skins for Jenos and Terminus can be earned by reaching level 50 with each, and there are the usual round of balance changes and bug fixes.

Learn more about Season 4: Calamity on the Paladins website.


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