Well, here’s something a bit unexpected, and probably a nice treat for all the Classic World of Darkness fans floating around out there. Today, Paradox Interactive revealed an interactive audio project titled “The Orpheus Device“. Some of the more invested WoD fans may recognize that title from a limited game tied into one of the larger WoD titles, Wraith: The Oblivion.

The Orpheus Device is a free experience designed for Alexa, Earplay iOS, and Google. Although the Android version will have limitations in that players can’t save their progress. In order to do that, players will need to download the Alexa App.

The audio experience focuses on a family of spirits, the Martens. These angry ghosts continue to plague the house they inhabitied during life, and are spending their afterlife making each other as miserable as possible. Thanks to a machine called The Orpheus Device, the player is able to communicate with the family, and uncover their story — while possibly helping them in the process.


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