Paragon‘s Iggy & Scorch have been on the receiving end of a rework, getting new fancy equipment and some really “hot” abilties.

The duo’s new turrets fire homing projectiles that can be directed with basic attacks. There can only be four turrets up at once, but they’re enough to cause the enemy serious issues. Building on the turrets, players can use their abilities to make their attacks even more devastating. Burning Sensation sets enemies on fire, causing damage over time which can be refreshed by landing successful attacks. Molotov is another DoT attack. It’s an AoE that can be laid out causing damage to anyone caught in it. Finally, the ultimate — Blaze! — turns the turrets into fiery machine guns capable of dealing heavy damage and causing some serious chaos on the field.

The full overview can be seen in the video below. It makes one thing apparent. This new Iggy and Scorch rework is a pyro’s dream.

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  1. sin on August 5, 2017

    Epic games is busy with tournaments and v42 atm, they are doing really good job with support.
    I played over 200 games and this Moba is by far the best for me.
    If any1 didnt like the game before, wait 3 more for the ” big update ”
    You will be able to play any hero just the way you want

    • Newend on August 5, 2017

      3 weeks is a joke so are they.

      • GoToSchool on August 5, 2017

        a joke? its the only game i know that is being updated every week, dood, let me tell you something, YOU ARE A JOKE!

        • Forge on August 7, 2017

          Chill out FANBOY!! Go ask Mummy for another glass of milk, go on off you go lol

        • NEWEND on August 7, 2017

          Yeah go ask mummy for another suck 😉

      • sin on August 6, 2017

        I wonder what the issue you reported was.
        If it wasn’t something major and already discussed they probably didn’t make it priority.

  2. NewEnd on August 5, 2017

    Epic games treats it’s customers worst than Trion.. As for customer service 3 weeks and waiting for a reply. Stay away there a joke!!

  3. “Only 4 turrets at a time.” devs please, leave it on 3 turrets. This freaking hero can hold a lane against 2 other ranged heroes. ‘-‘