Epic games dropped a trailer for their upcoming, free-to-play MOBA Paragon earlier today. The trailer teases a new robot-mounted hero named GRIM.exe. The hero/mount combination features a sentry robot carrying one seriously big gun.

GRIM.exe is a ranger class, and from the video it looks like the weapon may slow him down just a tad. Still, he’s very cool looking. Those interested in playing him will get a chance to do so on Tuesday, May 10.

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  1. I tried game, is so boring, matches so long, looks ok nothing more, no dx 12 or vulkan suppport, performance is bad , game not lok that amazing to need most expensive gpus, cards look bad, no progress autside game, there is progtress but its almost useless, im not sick to play all the time one map over and over, i better suicide, nothing new except harvesters, its another copy past game ,good thing is onlyy one, best controls like in smite, no faking only mouse like in another poop mobas, wish this game never happen better becaus its a moba brainless one map boredom, better spend time to make unreal tournament.


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