EverQuest Landmark will be saying goodbye to its Alpha stage, and saying hello to Closed Beta on March 26th. As there will be a server wipe during the transition, all material will be lost for current Alpha testers except for saved templates, purchased Founders Pack items, and the characters themselves.

One of the last updates to go through before the coming switch to Closed Beta was the new party system, which allows for players to join a group by right clicking other players on screen, or by using commands along with the friends list. This helps players find each other within the realm, and groups that gather resources together will receive a 20% bonus to materials collected. The ability to teleport to your friends claim has also been provided, making it easier for players to explore the islands and everyone’s creations.

This weekend will be the only opportunity to get templates saved, so if Alpha testers posses any designs they would like to carry over into Closed Beta, the 22nd-23rd is their last chance, as the servers will be down from the 24th-25th for maintenance before launch of Closed Beta.

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  1. Unfortunately I’ll be too busy playing a crusader on Diablo 3(I know, ewwww right? lol) to play.

    Someone build me Disney World šŸ˜€


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