When Grinding Gear Games initially announced Path of Exile 2 at last year’s ExileCon, there was hope that it might be available in beta form by the end of 2020. That’s “definitely not happening,” GGG said in a blog post today that outlined the dev team’s priorities and goals for the second half of the year.

GGG said that “significant schedule delays due to the pandemic” have altered the time frame for PoE 2, which have forced some rearrangements for the regular league content releases. Of note, Harvest was a week late, coming at the end of a 14-week development cycle; usually the dev team produces updates four times yearly, at 13-week intervals. As a result, the next update will arrive about 12 weeks after Harvest — “don’t book your time off until we can confirm” — with the end-of-year update expected to hit its usual mark in early December so that its development doesn’t run over into the Christmas season.

What else is still on tap this year? How about a macOS port for Path of Exile? The Vulkan renderer will be used on macOS, which necessitated it being implemented in the PC version of PoE. So if you really want to feel like you’re getting a new Path of Exile this year, just buy a Mac, and it’ll be new to you there!

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