path of exile

Path of Exile launched on Oct. 23, 2013 and instantly won the hearts of many free-to-play gamers. It didn’t literally win their hearts, though that sounds like a quest the devs would put into the game…

Anyway, Grinding Gear Games posted a retrospective on its forums to commemorate the milestone, thanking pretty much everyone involved with the game, from the dev team to publishing partners to players. It also calls out the 10th anniversary of GGG’s founding, which will come next month and lead to an epic party at the office.

Also, in case you missed it last week, former Gazillion/Marvel Heroes and Diablo head honcho David Brevik has joined the Path of Exile team as an “advisor” to Grinding Gear Games, to facilitate the launch of the game in China. As we found out in our Atlas of Worlds interview in August, Lead Developer Chris Wilson said that adapting the game for China “takes about half of my day,” so I’d wager that any help on that front is greatly appreciated.

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