Path of Exile releases December’s 2.1.0 content update, kicking off Standard and Hardcore versions of the Talisman Challenge League. Both leagues feature monsters under the influence of Talismans — items infused with the power of the First Ones. The magic of the Talismans makes the monsters more powerful and a bigger threat. However, the even bigger threat is that once a monster influenced by a Talisman is killed, other monsters will swarm the area to try to claim it.

Of course, once you’ve killed the monster and the talisman drops, you’ll have the option to equip it, but it may be at your own risk as talismans are amulets that are corrupted and have extremely powerful mods. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a drop with good mods that make it more valuable than your ordinary amulet.

Talismans can also be used to summon monsters possessed with higher tier Talismans. The biggest of these is Thane Rigwald, The Wolven King. Players will need to sacrifice five third tier Talismans to open a portal to Rigwald’s den and challenge him.

In addition to the Talismans, Update 2.1.0 adds new skills and support gems, new spells, new items and a variety of balance changes.

For more information on all the changes the latest update has brought to the free-to-play game, check out the detailed post on the Path of Exile site.

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