Path Of Exile Details Bow Skills Coming In Conquerors Of The Atlas Expansion


When Path of Exile‘s Conquerors of the Atlas expansion hits, it will include a rework of Bow skills and the mechanics that affect Bow balance. As part of this, the dev team has made changes to Ranged Attack Totems — or what are now called Ballistas, all of which are detailed in a post on the Path of Exile forums. Important things of note are that Ballista skills start with a maximum of 3 totems, they can be placed faster than other totems, and they’re all placed close to the character.

The post details a new low-level Bow totem — Shrapnel Ballista, as well as the Level 28 skill, Artillery Ballista. Also highlighted is a bow utility skill titled Ensnaring Arrow. If you want to see how each of these works, a video showing them in action is available below.


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