Path of Exile‘s Harvest expansion is, unsurprisingly, a big success. Grinding Gear Games has noted that peak concurrency over the weekend was 231,130 players, or 97.5% of the record that was set during Delirium’s launch “at the height of the international lockdown.” Harvest was also “one of the smoothest launches we’ve had,” with only a few hotfixes needed to address some minor issues.

If those aren’t plaguing you, you can take a crack at winning an Alienware m17 Laptop by beating the league’s final boss before June 29. That laptop is valued at $1,529, so if it takes you 100 hours to beat the boss, that’s about a $15/hour pace. Hey, a lot of jobs don’t pay that well!

Console players will get their chance to try out Harvest mechanics this Thursday, June 24. GGG plans to run a similar contest for them, having “reached out to some of our friends at the console companies” for prize donations. With some of the pricing rumors running about, an equivalent $1,529 might get you two PlayStation 5’s!

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  1. This game frickin crazy. (great game )
    The boss’s are mad as hell and its straight up core play. Best job! diablo now sits back to this one.


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