Grinding Gear Games moves quickly. Last week, the Path of Exile developer announced that private leagues were on the way, and now they’re a reality, letting you play PoE with friends according to settings of your choosing.

To create a league, you’ll need to visit your account page and click on the “Private Leagues” tab. There you’ll set the rules of your league and invite players to join — and to help pay for it. On that front, a league will cost you 120 points ($12) and last for 10 days with space for 10 players. Additional player slots and time can be added for more points and can be added at any time during the league’s existence.

Mods for the league are free, and include options to make monsters harder, remove stashes, reduce drop quality, and add “famine,” which means that your flasks don’t refill when you go into town. Harsh. Future mods will include item wear and destruction.

GGG has an extensive FAQ on what you can and can’t do with a private league on the PoE site.

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