Private leagues have been on the drawing board for Path of Exile for years, and now they’re almost a reality. Starting next week, players can set up their own leagues with custom rule sets to entertain — or perhaps torture — themselves and their friends.

A base PoE league will cost 120 points ($12); it will have 10 slots and last for 10 days. Additional server capacity and time (limit two months) can be purchased at any point during a league’s lifespan. Grinding Gear Games has made it easy to enable crowdfunding for your league, so you can spread the costs over multiple players.

True masochists can set custom rules for a league to make things more challenging, such as tougher monsters, limited options for obtaining items, no stashes, and so on. Additionally, your league can use the rule set of any core permanent or challenge leagues that are currently running.

Private leagues will launch next week for PC, with plans to carry the feature over to Xbox One in the near future. Learn more about Path of Exile’s private leagues here.

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