Path of Exile‘s Delirium expansion hits on Friday the 13th and brings one of the coolest changes to the passive skill tree we’ve seen in a long time. Cluster jewels are special jewels you can socket into the edges of the tree that open up a new set of passive skills, usually based around a particular theme. There are 280 notable skills you can unlock this way, and today Grinding Gear Games revealed every single one of them, to get everyone’s theorycrafting juices flowing.

Seven of the new notables are major, build-altering skills like Kineticism, which guarantees that all your projectiles inflict Bleeding and Maim and Knock Back enemies but cannot Pierce, Fork, or Chain. That sounds like a good deal for builds focusing on single-target takedowns, while gimping them against larger groups. The bulk of the new notables offer lesser, though significant bonuses, usually to attack or defense, though some have more interesting effects.

You can view the entire list on the Path of Exile forums. Which one will be your favorite?

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