Chris Wilson, Lead Developer for Path of Exile, took a few moments to post an update on the official forums to give players an idea of what to expect as the ARPG moves closer to launching their expansion, “The Awakening.” From the post, it looks like Grinding Gear Games is targeting July 10th as the potential release date of the free to play expansion.

While this date could change based on the ongoing beta testing, it’s nice to see that we could only be potentially a few weeks away from release. Beta players will be even happier to know that the current plan is to have beta up and running until just a few hours before the actual release.

As for a beta status check, Chris states that while, yes, part of Act 4 is missing from the beta build, this final portion will be added about a week ahead of release. Players will get a chance to test out the final portion of the Act but, besides being easier to implement changes, Chris says this late decision is to help keep player burnout to a minimum since launch will come with a beta wipe.

Challenge Leagues also have some news coming late next week along with details about the areas beyond Kaom. Expect to see us cover that news when announced.

Be sure to check out the latest State of the Beta post for more details on changes made and changes coming!

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  1. Im on Cruel difficulty atm, i can say its a great game but the gameplay is stiff, i donnu the skills are clonky and while i play a big ass barbarian(or whatever) I sometimes think im playing Wack a mole..

    thing is if the movement was better if the fighting was better and not as clonky i would play it more, now i log on from time to time rather then all the time..

    Its f2p and has so much potential but i was hoping that they would update the factor when it comes to combat.

    Other games that has failed on this point is for instance wildstar with the wow based bar and skills u need to trigger on the fly(and move around).

    I just pray they will revamp the fighting aswell and maybe il return.

  2. overall a good game, but i got quickly bored with it since playing solely for the story gets really boring and tedious after a while

    i have a shadow thats rips the crap out of everything in his way but i couldnt get past act 3, it was getting rather boring

      • what does “froob ” have to do with me? i was saying that i could kill anything in my way and havent died even once
        i said i got bored with the constant grinding:
        10% story
        90% killing monsters…. thats just plain boring

        i guess ive played too much diablo 2 and i cant take it anymore

        how am i a froob if i bought The Elder Scrolls Online?


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