Grinding Gear Games continues to tweak Path of Exile‘s Heists, and today’s patch fiddles with a number of mechanics from the game’s latest expansion. Last week’s descriptive post has given way to an itemized list of changes and fixes, falling under the broad categories of “Heist Improvements” and “Alternate Quality Gem Improvements.”

The first list comprises mostly basic fixes like Heist members ignoring orders if they were in another room and also increases the distance you could move from one of your fellow rogues while they were performing a task. (While I’m sure it will be nice for players, that second one seems like it works against reality. If you’re a dirty, rotten scoundrel, of course you’re going to slack off when the boss is out of shouting distance!) There’s also a new unique Heist Contract which leads to a new Heist boss, Freidrich Tarollo the Slave Merchant.

Alternate quality gems can now be supported by gems that match bonuses granted by their alternate quality, and the effects on several that weren’t working properly have been fixed. Today’s PC patch will be applied to consoles “as early as possible.”

Also, if you’re interested in PoE’s lore, make sure to check out this “interesting facts” post from GGG’s Nick Kolan. Among the tidbits of information include such details as “Tarkleigh, Hargan and many others can appear at random” in Rogue Harbor and “Karst used to be filled with even more bluster.” My favorite, though is, “I tried to make one of the characters an ethical cannibal (again).” I’m not sure exactly what would make a cannibal ethical, though — maybe he only eats bad people? If that’s so, they should have no problem finding plenty of food in Wraeclast.

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