Path Of Exile's Next Patch Is On Fire

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Things are looking up for fire-based characters in Path of Exile's next content update. When the patch hits, it will update a bunch of fire-based skills as well as some of the passive skill tree.

The changes are a series of buffs that affect Heart of Flame, the skills leading up to Breath of Flames as well as Breath of Flames itself, Holy Fire, and Celestial Judgement. On average, these skills are getting 10% to 20% buffs, although some are a bit lower or higher.

Changes have also been made to the gems. Ignite, for example, now deals 25% more DPS while Flameblast has more damage with ailment per stage and a 5% chance to ignite per stage.

Fire users who'd like to see all the changes being made with this new update can check them out in the Path of Exile forums.

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Lagwin1980 6 years ago
It's the skills and base changes to ignite that are really getting people excited, that 25% more multiplier is very nice. and the skills most people are drooling over are stuff like burning arrow, fireball and explosive arrow(with even more ignite damage) and the support gems giving more again.

The current meta of "auto bomber" looks pretty much set to continue (unless nerfs are made to some items)

Might try the face breaker, max block shield charger again...the use of herald of ash coupled with some support from prolif and more damage should be nice and meaty.

Then you have other stuff like the changes to vaal skills just announced (even more fun)

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