When we talked about Path of Exile earlier this month, we covered the memory of one of its NPCs. The next patch for the game, coming later this week, will address the memory of your video card.

Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson laid out all the technical details last week. The primary point was that Video RAM issues in both DirectX 11 and PoE’s new Vulkan rendering system can cause the game to run poorly or even crash. Those results “are both bad for game experience” (you think?), and the “conservative” solution can make some textures blurry for a period of time — not a critical issue, but an unattractive one nonetheless.

The new solution “aggressively uses as much VRAM as it can” to load things quickly, while also keeping things manageable for players with lower-end graphics cards. An update on the status of the update was provided today, and it could be deployed “as early as tomorrow.” There will also a “Wipe Cache” button available if players need to take action manually because of poor performance.

Grinding Gear Games said it will be “keeping a close eye on players’ reports of their experiences” after the patch goes live. Other graphical fixes, like invisible monsters and performance diagnostic tools, are on the docket for later implementation.

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