The Heist League is underway in Path of Exile, and the team at Grinding Gear Games has a lot of adjustments in the works. The heists themselves are getting the most tweaking, with plans to increase their experience, shorten the length of the maps, and reduce the number of doors you’ll need to open. There are also two new heist bosses in the works, due to be implemented in a new patch this week, and another coming next week.

The biggest upcoming changes, however, are to heist rewards as a whole. The team has “completed a large pass” on them, and will be increasing them overall, with a bigger emphasis being placed on reward room chests and their contents. You’ll also have better intel going into a job, with the ability to see all reward rooms on blueprints.

The rest of the notes mostly deal with crash and bug issues, whether for the PC, PlayStation 4, or the newly launched MacOS client. And, just to please an inventory management knob like myself, Grinding Gear Games is “nearing completion” on Stash Tab Folders, which will be followed up in a few weeks by Stash Tab Affinities. I mean, what’s the point of getting all that loot from a heist if you don’t have anywhere to put it?

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