Path Of Exile’s Atlas Invasion Event Kicked Off Today, Bosses Spawn In Weird Locations

The event runs parallel to Scourge League but doesn't use the Scourge mechanic.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Path of Exile Atlas Invasion

Over the next ten days, Path of Exile players can take part in the Atlas Invasion event, wherein every area of the game is invaded by five endgame map bosses. The event kicked off today and will run through January 3. During that period, players can take on the bosses in question in order to get their hands on unique items. Any boss able to be witnessed by The Maven has a chance of appearing just about anywhere – including endgame maps they generally wouldn’t appear in.

The event is available in Standard, Hardcore, Standard Solo Self-Found, and Hardcore Solo Self-Found modes. It’s also a voided event, meaning items and characters won’t transfer to other leagues when it’s done. Players should also note that Scourge is not included as a mechanic in this round, but it does run parallel to the Atlas Invasion.

In addition, those who watch the event on Twitch today will be able to receive a Malachai Portal Effect drop upon two hours of viewing. Full details are available on the Path of Exile forum.

On a complete side note – just in case you might have forgotten, be sure to log into the game tomorrow to get your holiday Mystery Box. You’ll probably be in there anyway if you’re doing the event.

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