Pax Dei Early Access Trailer Takes An "In Real Time" Spin Through The MMORPG's Sandbox

Some of the footage is beautiful, some of it is a bit odd.

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Pax Dei's early access kicks off next week on the 18th and we've already shared how you can buy your way into the sandbox MMORPG if you want to play it then. Mainframe Industries is busy on a few fronts, though. Not only do they have to get this game ready for next week, but they're also busy deciding on winners for their recent creation contest.

Today, we get videos on both topics. First up, the early access launch trailer. Don't expect a lot here on any narrative front or informative front. The video is more of a tour captured in real time. Most of it is gorgeous. Character animations, when the camera is actually close enough to see them, look a bit off sometimes. Some of the armor looks great, but I would have liked to see this footage without the kind of "building pieces pop-in" aesthetic. It's worth a watch, clocking in at under 2 minutes, but yeah, it's not showing or telling you anything you likely didn't already know.

What is a bit more interesting, at least to me, is the video showcasing the 4 winners of the Villa Extravaganza. In a recent event held by Mainframe, over 80 content creators had access for a preview week. Four winners were chosen based on their in-game creations. Now, obviously, in the actual game, some of these constructions may be hard to pull off given the plots and materials required. However, just getting to see how robust the building system is ends up being a better look into the game's core aspects than the early access trailer.

Check out both videos below.

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