As they continue their work on Crimson Desert, Pearl Abyss has decided to share a little more information about the game with players. (Not a lot of information, mind you, but we suppose something is better than nothing…and there are pictures.) To share these details, the developer sent out a short list of things players might like to know, including such things as the game’s development history and theme. It also offered info on the game’s content. What they have NOT told us is what the payment model is.

Originally intended to tell the story of Black Desert’s past, Crimson Desert is more or less its own title with new religions, characters, and more — although, it does pay homage to the original game. It’s also intended to become Pearl Abyss’ next flagship title. The game focuses on mercenary heroes and is intended to be a “story of growth and resilience” focusing on how those mercenaries survive a hostile world.

Content-wise, the game includes a single-player campaign with plenty to do, as well as more traditional MMORPG content. It also seems Black Desert players will find many of the same trade and market features available to them.

And there you have it. That’s pretty much the new info. There’s a little bit of information on the game’s “main” character, a mercenary leader named Macduff as well as a bit about how the game tells the story of many characters with associations to that character. For those wondering, Macduff is the character seen in the game’s key art.

Speaking of art, check out the new images below.

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  1. I really didn’t like black desert outside of its combat. you almost had to quit your job to play this. I really hope crimson desert isn’t like that


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