Perfect World Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: Legends MMO is scheduled to come out later this year — following a beta that is still somewhat in the future as well. So, of course, it’s time for them to start sharing information on the game with would-be players. Today, we got a peek at the game in action with a new gameplay trailer (initially shared with Gameinformer).

The video is rather short. In fact, it’s less than a minute long. But it does give a loose idea of what the game will look like. Of note are the third-person view and what appears to be a fairly limited ability set. Since the game is being designed for both PC and consoles, limiting the number of abilities in play makes a certain amount of sense.

Another important thing to note here is that this footage is still being labeled as pre-alpha. So, everything we’re seeing here could change by the time we see it again.

The official site has also been updated with news about two of the worlds we’ll be exploring and two of the classes that will be available in-game. The Mind Mage looks to be your typical ranged DPS caster that can do a bit of crowd control in a pinch, while the Geomancer reads a bit more like a melee DPS or even a tank type class using earth and fire based attacks to pummel foes up close while shielding themselves.

The worlds don’t have much in the way of details given for them on the site, but at least we know we’ll be exploring Shiv and Benalia on the plane of Dominaria!


  1. Give it a chance, it might turn out to be good.. just hope they have a fair system and not p2w that makes most games sink like the titanic. Bring it on and hope it turns out to be fun!


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