When Warframe released the Saint of Altra update on PC, they only briefly covered what is apparently turning out to be a popular feature. In addition to the new Warframe and other content, the update added the Shawzin Hero mini-game. The feature allows players to use the Shawzin Emote to create music wherever they go, using a Guitar Hero-style format.

The Shawzin — which originally existed in-game as a decoration — can now be bought on the game’s market. There are a few different kinds too… and, they change color based on the frame playing them. Those who already owned the decoration don’t have to worry about picking up the emote — unless they’d like to collect the different varieties.

Since the update released, it’s already gained a good bit of attention from players who have put a great deal of effort into learning the system so that they can play more complex pieces. Luckily, there’s a handy wiki page on the Shawzin’s controls. Some people have even put together notes for specific songs. In fact, PC Gamer has the notes for several songs including Megalovania from Undertale and Darude’s Sandstorm. You can also learn how to play Happy Birthday there as well — which could come in handy.

You can also watch this handy tutorial video created by DNexus. It offers a few examples as well.

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