Perfect World Entertainment, the Chinese publisher behind Ether Saga Odyssey, Jade Dinasty and Forsaken World, among other free MMORPG games, bought Cryptic Studios from Atari. Perfect World will pay an aggregate purchase price of approximately 49.8 million dollars in cash for Cryptic Studios.

Cryptic Studios is the Californian developer responsible for developing several AAA titles, including Star Trek Online, Champions Online (now free to play), City of Heroes, City of Villains and Neverwinter.

Perfect World already owns a majority on Runic Games, creators of Torchlight. The Company’s releases include Torchlight (a single-player action-RPG), Battle of the Immortals, Ether Saga Online, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Jade Dynasty, Legend of Martial Arts and Perfect World International – a free-to-play MMORPG which is currently played by millions of people worldwide.


  1. chances are that Star Trek Online will not go F2P anytime soon as there is too much money being raked in as it is. hopefully perfect world will put the funds that cryptic need into it.

  2. Although i see STO as a failed attempt to turn the Star Trek universe into an MMO, its always nice to see that a developer doesn’t go down the drain just because their publisher doesn’t want them anymore.

  3. I can see already the STO lifers shuddering at it. Paying extra so they don’t have to pay monthly for a game that now possibly will go F2P and HEAVY cash market (like everything PWE touches).

  4. Star Trek Online F2P? please and thank you PWE, it’d be the nicest thing since Forsaken World.
    (I love forsaken world…and PW is ok too…and JD…haven’t tried ESO yet =/)


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