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Perfect Word Entertainment has laid off around 30 employees according to a statement issued to MassivelyOP from the company following rumors on Facebook. The statement — as would be expected — highlights what a small portion of the Perfect World Staff this really is and notes that it won’t have any real impact on the company’s games.

This week, Perfect World Entertainment did experience a reduction in staff of under 30 employees. Perfect World employs thousands of people from all over the world and decisions like this are always difficult. However, we are incredibly grateful for the contributions of those individuals impacted and will do our best to help each of them through this transition. This reduction in workforce will not impact any of the games published by Perfect World Entertainment.

In addition to Perfect World Entertainment, Trion is also rumored to have executed some layoffs. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Hallo, Ich bin nun ein Angf¤nÃer. Warum ist es so viel besser alles mit dem Plugin zu machen und nicht via Theme?Und was machst du mit diesen Hooks?mfg Andre

  2. Never really considered the Cryptic branch as P2W, they have an in-game exchange system to grind for. As far as the other titles PWI has made or acquired I can’t really speak for but they seem to always figure out solutions to make money. I still feel bad for the families that this has happened to. Hopefully they will find a good place to put their talents to better use.

  3. I am some what in the game development world as a dialogue writer and I can tell you from the number almost all make money. They make way more money than is invested buy they are companies and must layoff/ unproductive employees. People coming into game dev think its lollipops and rainbows its not. It is a massive amount of work these companies have millions on the line but yes they do make lots of money and are profitable. Even the games that dont do well still make alot of money its just not up to the high industry standards.

    • True people think it’s lollipops and rainbows and think it’s gonna be a cool job. But nope it’s so much works and you gotta deal with lines of code and the artwork and deal with a userbase. I know a CEO who is failing and still says its lollipops and rainbows he lives in a mansion and pays his top devs (his friends who work for him) good salaries) while everyone else who work for him just gets scrapes and next to nothing. Their games are very poor and they still make a decent amount of money but he’s just bad at managing it.

      • What kind of world are you living in? “Pays his top devs. His friends, tons of money.” Really? Reaaally?

        Together with your comment that P2W and F2P are not profitable, once again you are talking out of your arse. Why don’t you back up that story with some actual examples.

      • What I said is actually true but I rather not call out his company on here. As much as his company is a greedy money hungry company that makes crappy MMORPGS that are heavily paid 2 win and they claim it’s MMORPGS while it’s really just paid to win dress up games. I rather not call out his company on this site. But what I said is true people think it’s lollipops and rainbows to make games and MMOs but it’s hardwork just like any other job. Also I will say about his indie dev company his playerbase is super low believe me or don’t idc but it’s what I do know.

    • Free 2 play games aren’t profitable either It’s just the problem of finding the right balance.

      • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Layoffs are a normal occurrence. It happens to the best companies. The fact that you say P2W games are not profitable is because you’re just bitter. Sure, I don’t like them either, but they are very… VERY profitable.

      • Q: Does X game have paid items or features that have an impact on how strong I am, how fast I can do things, etc. This ESPECIALLY applies to games with PVP.

        If yes, it has P2W aspects. If DISGUSTINGLY yes, it’s P2W.

        I don’t get why this is so had to understand by literally anyone in the gaming scene.

    • Yeah I know layoffs are normal even got some of the best companies. But I P2W games are still not profitable especially when devs flood the market with them.


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