Perfect World Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Digital Extremes to purchase the majority of the developer’s outstanding shares with help from Sumpo Food Holdings. The current non-binding agreement was officially announced on June 30th and is expected to continue while the two purchasing companies conduct due diligence investigations over the affairs of Digital Extremes.

Assuming no issues arise during the investigation and Digital Extremes doesn’t opt out, the acquisition will proceed as planned. No word yet on when the acquisition would officially take place, but the press release does state Digital Extremes cannot engage in any other offer opportunities or asset transfers during the agreement for a period of 40 days.

For those wondering why a Chinese chicken product supplier is assisting in the purchase of a video game studio, it’s because Sumpo Food Holdings also serves as a holding company, investing in assets to generate additional revenue outside of the poultry industry.

News of the pending purchase has generated a huge response from the Warframe community, who have seemingly come out in droves to voice their concerns in a massive thread found on the game’s official forums. Curiously, Warframe developer DERebecca responded in the thread and mentions she was currently awaiting an official comment/info, suggesting that not everyone at DE was prepared for the news either.

In 2011, Perfect World also purchased Cryptic Studios for roughly 50 million after Atari placed the developer up for sale.

What effect do you think the sale to Perfect World will have on Digital Extremes? Let us know.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I gotta say these comments are the best ive ever seen. If you think PWE f**up games then you obviously have never played any games that have been hosted by Nexon NA…..

    Just let that sink in for a moment.

  2. If pwe takes control of this i will hack the game and completely ruin their market. It wouldn’t be the first time. All their OP douche addicts will tremble in fear in conclave from a little speed hack or just make it to where i only do max or critical damage. I hope companies like these just start dieing off. No consideration for players and even more so for the games thenselves.

    I play because DE had a good idea (will probably fall and die out from Destiny) and are actually taking it in a great direction.

    It will be judgement day when PWE takes over.

  3. “And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all”

    Digital Extremes made the game horribly grindy as is just to get parts to make warframes. Imagine how much worse PWE could make it. It is as Kenshiro says; “You are already dead”.

  4. I know perfect world enough, i dont remember any good game from them, all generic asian mmos, if business model will change i quit, i not predict anything good from them – baloon like mobs, half naked kids, pay to win stuff , what else they can bring ? Its not asia, perfect world stop make all games similar to each other, ppl hate these faking half naked kids and pokemon faces and baloon like mobs in every game, martial arts stuff etc crap, its maybe fine for asian market only.

  5. Why are you all whinging for? I’ve never had any issues with PWE and their game because they aren’t P2W. Wtf is this bs? Like c’mon do you even play games from PWE? I highly doubt that because I’ve also never had issues with them and also with most companies I’ve never had issues with. Heck, PWE gives you a shit ton of free things.

    • Which games you play from PWE?
      Because I’ve played most of them and I know that I had to pay for a lot of content on most of them. And btw if they decide to block your account you are blocked on all their games.

  6. lol all complain complain complain and complain….then what the…PWE last so long and did not bankrupt why?if you all do complain of the game it would be like 10-40% of people that will play they`r games and it will be like 10-15% that will actually buy from shop,so…how do they survive so long and afford to buy another game?because actually people play they`r games and enjoy them,if are like 100 people that complain here about the company,it don`t mean everybody hates the company and they`r games,so if you fking want to play a game not P2W,just make the fking game by yourself and see if you will last at least a month with crap in item shop,so if there will be in shop items that are useless and that can be gain in from the gameplay,how do they will last long?they wont,i`ve seen many games that failed and after 1 week or even a month was closed up because they actually did not make moneys.So the important thing is “YOU DON`T LIKE IT,DON`T PLAY IT,IF YOU LIKE IT,SUPPORT IT AND PLAY IT” that`s the main rule of the games,no one beg you to play a game and no one obligates you to love a company or a game.So if you don`t love a game that don`t mean all hates that game and consider it a trash

    • @buggy You no nothing and get everything wrong again… PWE is a publisher. They don’t make games. They didn’t made Warframe…. They just try to buy it so they can have for years to come a steady cash inflow from us players + you should again look it up and research how games make money in the first place.
      Don’t know about you but i can’t make a game especially by myself… A game is made in years by bigger and talented developer teams. The publisher handles the rest ( marketing, cash-up , server infrastructure, support etc. etc.) PWE is a publisher…
      The problem here and why people complain here is that this publisher is trying to buy “the game they love”. The game is already out for some time now ( over a year i think..) and did well on PC and even on PS4. The problem is that PWE wants a big cake of the pie and try to buy with their money a succes game. And PWE is known for being a terrible publisher that cares only about money and by that (greed ) destroying the games it publishes and supports. THATS ALL!!! Thats why all here are complaining….
      And its not just 100 people complaining and not only here…. Its all over the internet and many users of PWE are annoyed by them. Some even quited the game they loved because of terrible managing of the games from the part of PWE ( me included).
      These users here are “not obligated to love a company or a game” but they do love the game and what DE did with it and are against “loving PWE buying the game they like”.
      Next time before criticising stop, get your head out from the your posterior and try to understand things before you “enlightened” us all.

    • P.S. I’ll give you a clue so you could be more “enlightened” or more “mature”.
      You or best said your parents pay the internet bill every month. Like they pay the TV bill. Or the phone bill etc. So where do you think the money go every month?
      Example: Where reporters make money from? (especially those that work in the private companies)
      And why is ratings so important to them?
      Do you know how much a reporter earns? Or how much money is around a TV show?
      Ask your parents. And then compare that to the internet (and internet games).

  7. you guys dont even seen the cash shop model of the game in PWE,i mean on this one not others,and complain of P2W games,if the games are not P2W it wont last long,so they need to do moneys to pay fees and salary of the company workers,so would you like to buy something that dont gives you money back and some extra cash?No you don`t.I really love the casual people that 100% are here and complay on P2W game,this game is most PvE game so why do you call P2W?because its hard to get something without buying from cash shop?yea that`s why you call games P2W because there is something that is very good and you dont get it from in game.One more thing there are like 90% of games that you will consider P2W and there will be another 90% of games that will come out that will be P2W and all the games will be P2W because they need P2W to pay to keep the game alive.So if you cant afford to pay for a game to keep it alive you don`t have the right to play it,so keep saying this company makes P2W because there are many company`s that make P2W with insane shop items.But most of the game are Pay to Progress and not really pay to win,except browser games

    • “buggy” pls grow up and don’t write walls of text of nonsense… Research before you talk.
      1. Developers stated that in the future they will introduce PVP after they will get the PWE right and balanced and content wise. They just are focusing firstly on PWE and after that they could focus on PVP.
      2. There are really good examples of really F2P and with huge success (ex: LOL, Dota 2, Heartstone, Smite, Planetside 2, Team Fortress 2, Path of Exile etc. etc. ) and don’t force players to buy stuff so they can be competitive…
      3. There came out Trully Free Games with no cash-up or store whatsoever. Do you think the developers worked on them for free? Example Renegade :X or even the next Unreal Tournament will be free. How do you explain that?
      4. There are many mobile games for phones and tablets that are free. Or even the example with browser games you gave, that are free. Who worked on them worked for free? Just for the passion? Or What? How do you explain Mmobomb earns money? Or did you know they earn money?
      How do you explain this? You are so clueless that I wonder what are you doing on this site? Not only that but telling others they don’t know nothing when clearly you don’t know on what world you live in.
      I am embarrassed for you… Next time keep it to yourself before spreading “your great philosophy ” or at least research before saying something… (If you can’t figure it out yourself cause its pretty simple in large terms )

  8. I wish they’d be content to just by a less than fourty nine percent of the shares. The game is flourishing and the last thing it needs is a p2w system. It honestly makes more sense to just invest and let the des do what they’re doing, there doing it incredibly well. It might not be the instant cash cow they want, but surely it would make more in its lifetime.

    • I agree with you mate. I started discussing this exactly after the news got out. If we can unite and buy some shares from DE just to make sure that even in the future they can stay independent I would be happy. Think about it 90% of players will leave if DE become part of PWE. What if they can do nothing about it? That is when most things happen with shares and that is a real problem. Anyway don’t worry too much because you remember champions online and cryptic. Well cryptic were not in the same situation like DE. Cryptic bankrupted and were bought by Atari and after that sold to PWE. When you are bankrupted you can’t choose any longer to be independent. In other words that company was already a “dead body”. DE can still leave any time if they feel like it. Plus I’ve heard that PWE can’t touch them for 5 years which is nice if its true. Yet after that I don’t know what will happen. :/

  9. Try play neverwinter, from PWE/cryptic studios xD Bug, bug, bug, glitch, glitch, hack,bug,bug. Support take 2-3 weak to do a real reply ( because auto reply whit stupid info isn’t a real reply -.-). Whenever Pwe goes, the game became pay to win, the support suck and the only thing’s they care is take your money out of your wallet. If you don’t trusth me, play Neverwinter and you will see it. People using hack in both Pvp and pve, people using bug to kill dungeon boss, gold seller flood the game ( no one is buy zen from that retard of PWE ). If your game will be sold, be ready for a massive invasion of gold seller, hacker and bot, but don’t worry, PWE support will reply you in 48 hour whit auto reply ^^ Have fun until the PWE isn’t inside ^^ When they come, they simply see player liker wallet ^^

    • DtHouse do you want to hear my story about PWE? At new year my warframe clan got 3 keys from Nvidia that were going to last only one more day so we decided to use them as our clan platinum reserve (for rewards to loyal players like 30 plat for clan emblems) so we did that but the key was a multi game key so it was possible to be used for Neverwinter as well. So i added them there to my account in case that we make a clan there too so that I will use it again as a reward reserve. Well that didn’t happened and guess what happened. Half year later I get a message saying your PWE account is banned in violation of terms and agreements by using more than one Nvidia keys… I said ok let me explain the situation to them maybe they would hear me out. Well no they didn’t listened. I said ok delete my Neverwinter progress and all the money there I don’t want them and I don’t need them. They said we will contact you after some time. 2 days later they reply with the same message I’ve got the first time – your account is banned for violation of terms and agreements. And at the end what really pissed me off was this – Please don’t forget to try our new Neverwinter Expansion?!?! What the… how can I try it with banned account?! They continued to troll me with similar mails on my e-mail I tried to unsubscribe but since my account is banned I can’t log in and say unsubscribe! And thanks to their multi game accounts once they ban you you can’t play any of the other games. I payed to Champions online for some unlocks and I lost everything there because of me trying to help people with codes that we gathered together and I was just a bank… If DE become part of them I my account in Warframe (where I’m a founder) will become automatically banned…

  10. So far Digital Extremes confirmed that they are still independent. However we all await tomorrows dev stream to learn more. Over 90% of the players stated that they will stop playing if PWE gain control over DE. However in order to do that they must buy more than 49% of DE shares. That probably wont be the case because who would sold more than 49% of their company.

  11. Good by Warframe… what was one of the best f2p games on the market today. It was nice knowing you. You’ll now be known as PayFrame and the updates you used to provide weekly will now be tri-monthly and the free items you used to allow everyone to access will cost everyone 30$ each…. whelp my day is ruined.

  12. My predictions?

    PW/PWE will have a strong hold on DE, making the company force more Pay-to-Not-Grind stuff into the game (Because paying $100+ to skip a massive RNG gate all for one prime frame certain does feel rewarding :^) ), widen the amount of grind to get even the good stuff, and give people little to nothing for not paying.

    I’m expecting rentals to be a thing too but that’s just me after my experience with BL:R, what with almost everything being a rental when it came out of beta.

    It’ll grow dead sooner or later.

  13. *plays a sad violin as the ship breaks in half and sinks and everyone dies in the cold water below, along with Leonardo Decraprio and that chick whom boobs we saw during the movie… wait she lives. nevermind, sucks to be leo.*

  14. PWE are one of the worse service MMO developer ever, if warframe sold to them and being control by them more than 95% player will quit in month maximum 2months

  15. Please do not f**k this game, he is one of the best TPS hack n ‘slash I’ve ever seen.
    I repeat do not F**K This game.

  16. I think any founder status / kick starter backing should come with shares in the company as you believe in the company and are investing your hard earned money into them – so you should have a say in what that company does in the future.

    As a founder I think DE should say NO to the buyout – if you want money as the fans – I would buy shares if the company would remain independent.

  17. Why would you do this … why the **** would you do this why give your masterpiece to some shitty company…………. like WHY!!!

  18. To bad, got more then 860 hours on the game and spend over 300 euro’s, probably all for nothing? goodjob guys.

      • Certainly not! My profits would go down the drain! Its hard enough to make money already, what with Tenno constantly killing me and smashing up my Zanuka, (Medical bills ain’t cheap!), but if PWE takes over, I would have to pay 20 Zen per revive! People farm me for neural sensors! I won’t be able to afford that, much less keep my… more recent projects alive! Sure, I get farmed under DE, but under PWE I would have to pay for the privilege!

  19. PWE is worst and most greediest company out there.They dont care about anything except money.
    Anyone with even little piece of brain will stay far away from this scammer company.
    Warframe will get P2W,lose 90% player base like most PWEs games.500 people will have fun with their cashed maxed out gears,until few months later when PWE come with new upadate.
    (PWEs updates; new content = adding new more op gears people will spend thousands $ on)
    and then even more and more people will quit untill there is 200 people left playing (addicts that spent 3000$ +and cant quit after all).Eventually they will quit too and then time to shut down servers/game.


      • Oh sure EA exists but they’re different than they were 2-3 years ago.
        And they deliver a quality product unlike the cash-grab PWE.Well,that’s my opinion.

        • “Oh sure EA exists but they’re different than they were 2-3 years ago”
          i got 2 words for you that makes that argument invalid…
          Sim City

          • Both companies are shit but EA is more of a AAA games publisher and PWE is more of a MMO games publisher. These are different companies with different markets, at least for now…
            But trust me PWE SUCKS HARD… Kills games slowly and try to milk as much money as they can from nothing…
            EA at least has potential to improve. PWE doesn’t want that.. PWE buys games to milk them out and then moves on…
            So I also prefer EA over PWE.

  20. The effect of this will most likely be that the best free to play game with the best free to play model I’ve ever seen will be driven into the ground.

    R.I.P. Warframe, thanks for the last year.

  21. Good bye my love it was fun while it lasted, but its time to move one. *Hangs his warframe and puts a suit on* time to find a job and get a life. *Gamer Died*

  22. I do not want this.

    do not want.
    DO NOT WANT!!!!!!
    DOOOO NOOOOTTT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Coming from playing Perfect World International for the past few years I can this.
    PWE will ruin this game. They are a horrible company that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Broken promises. Lies. Constant screwing up, and the worse ticketing/help system around. When you submit any ticket, you are given an automated response. About 10 days later someone actually replies to it, and they tell you to post your problems on the forums. Where you will be told to submit a ticket.
    PWE will find a way to suck every last penny from players they can, without giving a rats ass about the content, game stability, or player base. I dont know what type of game Warframe is, if it is good, or what it is about. But I can tell you PWE will rape the hell out of it.

    • I also played PWE Games for Years including PWI RaiderZ JD Rusty Hearts and a few more but they did care about the game Stability they are fast to reply if the server’s down and stuff like that!
      And I never had a Problem on submiting a Ticket I got my replies mostly after 48 hours so -.-

        • Yep. The only one defending PWE. Suspicious ain’t it?
          PWE destroyed games I cared about. They were good games before PWE got their influence and hands into them..
          Too bad about the hard work of the developers and enthusiasm of the players…
          Selling your game to PWE is like selling your soul and become a slave for them…
          Selling your game to PWE is like giving up on the games future.
          Too bad for those agreements…


  25. Warframes player-base will drop by 80%, the forums will be filled with threads saying F**k you PWE, Perfect world will change the cash-shop terribly and add annoying lock boxes, the player-base will drop by another 10% the game will immediately become a sinking ship, veterans will try and sell their account and a few will get banned in the process. so i wonder why would Perfect world entertainment do this?, can they not take a educated guess and see that they will make no money.

  26. Its the death of Warframe. It has flaws but it was one of the more unique and definitely evolving games in F2P market.

  27. 200+ pages Ultra-thread and more than 4000 replys. The WARFRAME community IS continuing voicing there dissaproval of selling Digital Extremes to PWE.

    As a member of said community I SAY: DOWN WITH PWE! BURN THEM!

  28. The Armathreadon is upon us. 200 Page thread in a number of our voicing the communities lost faith and utter disappointment in what is going on.

  29. The name shall change to Warfarm
    The slogan Ninjas pay fees
    Weapons and frames will take weeks to craft
    Updates and logins will require zen
    Rng lockboxes
    Op gear weapons

    • Looks like you don’t know anything about PWE.
      Yeah all of their games have P2W Models but it doesn’t change the game a lot,
      You can always beat those Cash Shoppers in PvP and the lockboxes are only offering Item Shop Items anyway the Crafting won’t take weeks since the crafting in PWE Games is relative fast and easy to comprehend.

      • Are you out of your mind? PWE’s entire business is buying other games and installing cash shops. They don’t just change the game – they ruin it by hiding their content behind ridiculous paywalls.

      • From your post it doesnt seem you know much about warframe. From you bringing up PVP alone suggests that. P2W wouldn’t change a lot also just a huge gap in knowledge. If they implement P2W into warframe, only 1 thing can happen, the game dies. there is over whelming support against this from the majority of their vet players. They would knew so many players throwing money at them to keep the game alive it would never happen.

      • Wait, what!? We are talking about Warframe here, right? Listen, that game is as pay to win as any of the known browser games out there. Sure most everything is available through in-game play, even the cash shop currency in a way, but it will take you many hundreds, if not in excess of a thousand hours of game play to do that. Although if you take out your credit card, you can get it all in a small fraction of the time. Pay to win simply put is when paying money gives you a distinct, and direct advantage, if you don’t call saving that much time an advantage, I don’t know what is.

        • Sorry my friend, but you are wrong on this one. All of the content in Warframe is available to ANY player. Everything, except for some affinity boosters and stuff (which costs the minimum platinum, just trade and you can get anything.) The good thing about warframe is that everything is available to any player, even platinum. And no, it will not take you thousands of hours to get the stuff you want. Just play a couple of hours of farming anyplace, and voila you just have to wait for the timer to finish in the foundry and you have your “super-rare-op-item-just-for-cash-members” in just a couple of hours. That is the good thing of Warframe anything and everything can be free.

          • Still if you love the game don’t forget to buy some platinum from time to time. Its good to honor a great game with real money if it gives you happiness. I’m a founder and I knew that this game have a potential to become something great. Lets hope it stays that way for long time and that PWE won’t touch and ruin it.

  30. We of the Warframe community call it the THREADNAUGHT.

    We are currently awaiting a response from Digital Extremes and sincerly hope this turd of a deal dies horribly.

  31. What effect do you think the sale to Perfect World will have on Digital Extremes? Let us know.

    Warframe Goes P2W. Dies. And @#$% PWE


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