Things are getting weirdly patriotic in the North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2, which is celebrating Independence Day starting today. The event, which lasts until July 22, features a freshly decorated lobby with the Statue of Liberty, fireworks, lots of red-white-and-blue, and… Independence Day trees? (They look an awful lot like Christmas trees with some American flavor added.) Oh yes, and there’s a bald eagle and the Liberty Bell.

In addition to the lobby decorations, the event also boasts several patriotic costumes, like a car-hop outfit and an Uncle Sam suit. There are also new quests and activities, including an urgent quest based in Las Vegas. And, of course, new weapons have been added as well.

In addition to the Independence Day event, Sega is offering players a chance to earn a special title and get their hands on Star Gems — just for reading the ARKS Handbook. Simply look for ARKS Handbook Guide Leontina and read the handbook. There’s a good bit of handy information in there so it shouldn’t be a waste of time. Plus, when you’re done, you’ll have a ticket for 20 Star Gems. The event is already underway and runs until July 7. So you’ll want to go ahead and knock that out. Just keep in mind that rewards won’t be issued until August.

If all of that isn’t enough for you to do, Sega has also posted the schedule for the second half of June’s Urgent Quests and concerts on the PSO2 site.

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  1. OK, guys, let’s get really pumped up about being offended about this too! Lately there haven’t been many things to get offended about. xD


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