SEGA is preparing for the next Phantasy Star Online 2 beta test in Japan, and as with the previous test, they’ve decided to share some information on the game’s current status and what players can expect when CBT2 arrives via another Prologue stream. The hour+ long stream covers a good bit of information, even covering what the devs have learned so far from player feedback.

If you want to watch the full thing, we’ve embedded it below. But, if you’d just like the highlights, we have you covered there too. The first highlight (at around the 35:40 mark), as we mentioned, is the discussion about what players are doing with player feedback from the first CBT. This includes things like adjusting how locK on target works, changing the HP and attack on enemies, as well as XP earned to be more in line with each other, adjusting the number of sub class skills that can be used, and how they plan to address player concerns about the speed of the game compared to PSO2.

The goal with the last one is to fine-tune game speed so that it’s appealing to both current PSO2 players and newcomers. So NGS’S game speed is purposefully slower than PSO2, as the original game started out slower and slowly ramped up. They also feel that dash and glide generally improve the game pace.

The next point of interest (at 45:57) would be information on the 2nd CBT for Japanese players. The information can be seen in the image below, but for those of you who might be using a reader, CBT2 begins Friday, March 19 and ends Sunday, March 21. Players are allowed to play continuously starting Saturday.

This test will allow more players in and focus on testing support for the higher number of participants as well as verifying that issues identified the first time around were fixed.

They’ve also made adjustments to the rules for use of copyrighted content in streams. Streamers can now use the monetization function and the Sega copyright information will need to be included at the beginning or end of videos, or in the thumbnail or description.

Finally, (at 48:24) the topic switches to weapon categories that will be available upon release. Honestly, you’ll just want to watch the video for this, so you can see each weapon in action.

Of course, we did mention a Global CBT is on it’s way. Unfortunately we don’t know the exact date yet. But, it is on its way, according to the Phantasy Star Online 2 – Global Twitter account. Orders are to keep an eye on the Twitter feed for more information.


  1. “CBT2 begins Friday, March 29 and ends Sunday, March 21.”

    I think you mean March 19 start date not March 29.



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