Now that the Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis closed beta test is complete and the character creator has been out a bit, you may be wondering what’s going to happen next (other than the launch). Well, thanks to the last NGS Prologue stream — which we apparently missed because we were busy playing with the character creator — we now have a idea. The stream offers players information as to what kinds of content they can expect at launch. This includes a testing field not shown in the tests, new enemies, story content, skills, and more.

We now know that when the game launches it will include a new region, “Aelio”, six classes, and a level cap of 20. Don’t worry too much about the low level, as the game includes a metric called “combat power” that can be upgraded even once max level has been achieved using various equipment. The other benefit (from the perspective of the developers) is that it encourages players to try more classes.

If you’re wondering what’s going to happen after launch, Sega has you covered. The video also features a roadmap that covers events occurring June – August, and then the more vague time periods of Fall and Winter. Of course, June is the launch. July is the PSO2 9th anniversary event. And, August will see a new class, as well as Defense Quests and the Mag Evolution Device Share System.

In the fall the “Bouncer” class will be added along with trigger quests, the mission pass, and the title system. Winter will feature the game’s first major update with a new region, a level cap increase to 35, and more.

The roadmap section of the stream also addressed the “Summoner” class and pets. These won’t arrive until Spring of 2022 at the earliest, and pets obtained in PSO2:OG won’t be available in PSO2:NGS. Gunblades also got a mention, as they won’t be available on the 6 initial classes, Braver, Bouncer, or Summoner. Instead, they’ll be added with a new class later on.

The full stream is available to watch below and the roadmap section can be found at 57:25 in.


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