Phantasy Star Online 2: NGS Series Producer Kimura Talks Patch Schedule Cadence And The Future Of Creative Spaces

Players don’t need to worry about Creative Spaces eclipsing other content.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Content

Phantasy Star Online 2: NGS rolled out some interesting things in its latest update, including the MMORPG’s new housing/level building system, Creative Spaces. Recently, we interviewed Series Producer Yuya Kimura about Creative Spaces. Of course, we weren’t the only ones to interview Mr. Kimura. Another interview was posted on Automaton yesterday. The interview asks Kimura about his history with the Phantasy Star Online 2 franchise, including why he took some time out of the spotlight in the last few years.

The interview also asks him about the game’s release schedule. Kimura admits that what the dev team thought would be the patch release rotation did, in fact, end up being off. It wasn’t as fast as they’d planned and they were “not able to operate as [they’d] hoped for the past two years”. He noted that he personally thinks the “accuracy of what they release” as well as producing content that satisfies players is more important.

It seems there had also been some concern among players that the newly-launched Creative Spaces will be the primary focus of the developers. Kimura explained that the Creative Spaces update was the culmination of everything they hadn’t been able to work on over the last two years finally getting some attention. He also promises they will continue to work on battle-related content. Included in upcoming battle content will be the addition of new ranks intended to coincide with the unlocking of the level 75 cap. There may also be a limited-time quest to go along with the Sonic collaboration kicking off on June 21.

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