On September 30th, a whole new world, in a completely different dimension, will be made available to Phantasy Star Online 2 players. Known as the “Omega” dimension, this place is different from Earth, where ARKS has been spending its time lately. Rather than being a tech and science focused world, Omega is a place of magic. This is just part of the new content coming in Episode 5.

The new world of Omega is divided between four nations, each with their own terrain, storyline, and all new enemies. The new enemies, known as Supernaturals, are the result of sorcerer summoning and feature (but are not limited to) the Omega Wolf, Foi Sorcerers, and Resta Golems.

Along with introducing the new dimension, the new update will also introduce the new Hero class. This class is capable of mastering several weapons in ways not seen with previous classes. While the weapons are the same ones other classes have used — swords, machine guns and talises — they provide the Hero class with different abilities. Heroes also feature unique Photon Arts that allow them to switch between these weapon types in combat easily.

Of course, with all this new content, a new level cap is only logical. Once Episode five hits, the player level cap will increase from 80 to 90. That also means players can look forward to new titles and gear.

To get players ready for the new content, Sega is hosting a login campaign starting today. The campaign runs through September 23rd, during which time they’ll be handing out up to 3,500,000 EXP and up to 210SG. Players who log in often enough will also revive an Augment Transfer Pass and 90 SG.

In addition, between now and September 29, players can undertake a special training encounter to obtain rewards that will be useful in future quests. During that same period, players will want to take advantage of weapon enhancement boosts and bonuses when tweaking their gear.

To help players keep track of everything, a Road to Episode 5 page is now available on the PSO2 site. It has links to all of the events listed above and more.

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