The newest addition to Dauntless‘ Behemoth roster is the Skarn, a rocky beast native to arid sky-islands. There’s a delightful story about a band of hunters’ first engagement with the Behemoth on the Dauntless website, but not much more in the way of concrete details. Concrete … get it? Because it’s made of stone!

The pictures do seem to indicate that the Skarn has a soft underside, and targeting that will certainly be the goal of daring hunters. While doing so, you can also take in its natural habitat, described as a “large island the colour of rust and blood.”

The Skarn is just one of two Behemoths Phoenix Labs has promised players as part of the December Sharpen Your Skills update, along with a new weapon, new progression system, and new equipment augmentation system. You can view that, along with everything else to come, on the Dauntless development roadmap.

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  1. if the Community want high graphic games only then let the developer trick them in that stuff while
    half of the other side community want to find real Multiplayer games online.

  2. Devs will go for the best they can if they have the chance, while making low spec games would open their game to more players most of the existing companies already has their quality known so when you hear some game from known company you know what to expect and devs try to deliver it. I don’t agree with high specs pc games being derserted or fail on the market while it will effect the games player base it mostly won’t be reason of game failing, i mean look at pubg game has so many performance issues yet it is still one of the biggest games on the market currently.

  3. First off i don’t think this game is high specs at all. I play it with a Gefore GTX 580 and the only lag i get is server side lag. Secondly the optimization for dauntless as of right now is pretty poor and i do believe they are working on it based on them saying they are in their to do list thing you can go and look at. I do agree with the statement of games needing to still work for low spec PCs. You set your game up failure when you lock people from playing and enjoying your game. Thought i do believe most games do make games for low spec PCs. So as far as i know it is not a issue right now.

  4. We really need more Low Spec PC Games because of half theses High Spec PC Games end up being deserted or fail on the market. I wonder if that why most people are giving up hope on the developer games since they ask to much system requirement nowadays.
    What does MMO Bomb Community think?

    • i mean it’s 2017 and people still manage to have stone age toasters, they’re so behind the era but expect to be able to play high end graphic games lol that’s quite greedy.

      • Well most people that rant about modern mmos having to high specs probably donate their money every year to krappel to get the newest i-trash. Imagine the decision between playing a game at decent 60 fps on an 1600$ rig which you need to upgrade every 2-3 years or their social downfall if they don’t buy the newest i-trash for 800-1000$ each year. Just imagine the hell of an decision.

      • Very few low spec games left on the market nowadays. it only time before they become non-existed. Mid spec and high spec will be only thing going to stay on the market.


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