It’s been more than two years since Phantasy Star Online 2 launched in Asia just about as long since anything was posted on the game’s English-language Facebook page or website, leaving North American gamers to wait… and wait… and wait for it to hit Western shores. Or to hear anything about it hitting Western shores.

Good news! It’s still coming… someday! Soon(TM)?

SEGA responded to a Tweet recently to let everyone know that the game is still planned for Westernization and a North American launch, though no time frame, or reason for the delay — the game was originally slated for an NA launch in 2013 — was given:

Well, that’s better than nothing, I suppose. How about you? Are you looking forward to PSO2? Or has the allure of the series died down due to the delays?

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  1. the japan version is the only server that is not ip blocked which is very weird since it built for japenese people in their language and I gotta be honest playing that version is not worth it since the English patch is only in half of the word in that game and it throw them off with the sentence not making since at all in the game. I agree do not play phantasy star online 2 in japan and sea at all.
    find another game that you can understand in your own language not a patch language that not made up words in the game by other fan people who know nothing about the game storyline and the NPC and other thing too.

  2. When was the last time Sega of America produced anything that was better than mediocre? This side of the world, Sega hasn’t been relevant for years..what a circus.

  3. phantasy star online 2 is pretty good game and it has a daily quest system and a houseing system to custom build stuff from material on your quest mission. raids boss mission pop up certain time in a day and costume option and a lot of customization character creation and community is quiet on japan not to much english player that much nowdays. Flbloboi you didn’t put much info about the game and all you did was complain about the combat system in the game for hours 2 on online. please learn to the game more instead of just sitting there complaining about the gameplay. ok!

  4. Read

    pso2 gets boring past 2 hours of gameplay its nothing special and this is the same continuous answer that sega west has been publishing the past 2 years, if you wanna go play just play the japan version (hardly take any effort to sign up and download set up) theres a ship with mostly english speaking community anyways and again..


  5. This game is dead to the NA any deem of publishing willing to pick this game up is and will be disappointed mostly JP. I blame them with a big finger to the face couldn’t read the hype for games popping up that was two years ago if this was released way back when they would have made a killing with all the other game trash that was dished out being raiderz, neverwinter, firefall, Warframe, a long list of upcoming games that had that anime to gunner, hack and slash mechanic mostly out of all of them Warframe is the only one getting money. So in Which case to the reference of PSO2 Coming to the US I will give it my sarcastic laughter seeing it will never happen and even with them saying that it is that’s a big laugh seeing there have been lots of times when they said they will release it to the US only to find it Ip locked. So no I don’t believe it’s coming out and also with the stream of Jp games hosting in US being zero to none they would have made a killing. Also I took only 5 minutes to write this because I have a job that requires a lot of typing. Also to all teh game referred I have tested this since beta but got disappointed to how they turned out to be utterly boring so sorry to the publishers and developer of said game I mention they do decent work but as being a critic it had to be said.

      • Instead of saying what they said, they should have said what the writer of this news said.

        Because “Still Delayed” basically means the game won’t arrive until 2-5 years later. (it’s what happened for almost all games before that had “delayed”)

  6. false hope…its been two years now and nothing…but a “its still coming…just not their yet” just doesn’t cut it anymore sorry but when you don’t care about your fanbase they don’t care about you. sad though, they could have made a huge profit with they took the time to addressed their NA/EU fans like a year ago

  7. Sega didn’t bother to respond to their NA fans for over a year and as a result I can’t be bothered to play and game developed or published by them, period. They can die in a fire. PSO is dead.

  8. Yeah I’m not going to hold my breath. Really wish they would stop announcing these things so early without even a ballpark release date, or even release year.

    Since it’s taking for bloody ever I already started playing on the JP severs a year ago.

  9. Lame…Kinda of late, should of been here in the NA 2 years ago. The game and SEGA just looks bad now. PSO2 might have us wait even longer with all that CBT and OBT, SO MUCH BULLSHIT right now.

  10. I had some excitement for this game coming to the NA at somepoint, but like most recent big foreign MMOs we here in the West will either never see the game or it’ll be delayed for who knows how long. I’m honestly tired of Blade and Soul and PSO2. I wanted to love the games, but they just seem to show no interest in trying to include a western audience.

    My last hope is that Black Desert won’t fall into this problem. They have a time frame up, and I have hope…but they pull the same crap…I’m gonna be really disappointed with Asian MMO companies. Localization isn’t as simple as it may sound, but they seem to think that all of ‘Murica hates their culture and they water down the games or just scrap them. In the event the game does come, it’s normally just used as a cash cow.

    I’m not looking forward to this game anymore, simply because better titles already exist with better communication from the staff involved. Sorry SEGA, but you boned up hard.

  11. Lets not forget the horrors of the past. Even if and I stress the if part, the game does come out, it’ll be a few months (if not longer), behind the JP version and SEGA’s support will be as usual CRAP. I love PSO, loved the DC version and version 2, but SEGA couldn’t give a monkeys about the West.

  12. I love when the game companies like this complain about the lacking of players….Because they annouce a game which is already in beta, and after 1-2 years developing (idk what they do this time) they finally release a cb version the game, then the openbeta, and the game is outdated poor, lack of content and after this they abandon the game. Look at AFO, it was a good game even if a rip-off, but if they keep up the updates it could be a good game, but no….

  13. finnaly jesus youcan’t believe how frustating it is seeing all those japanese texts even with the english patch i have no idea what most of the items do and what quest items i have to keep

  14. Sure it is… But, even if it does actually come to NA I honestly don’t know if I even give a shit anymore. I can only wait for a game so long until I simply stop caring and move onto new things. Same with the Monster Hunter MMOs. Had they not announced the new one being developed I would have lost all interest in it completely.

    I think part of the problem is that they announce things years in advance, that is partly what caused me to not even bother keeping up with MMO news.

    • I never cared for Phantasy Shit Online 2 in the first place but it goes the same for me with BnS. I’ve waited so long that I don’t even want to play it anymore.

      • That’s right they are just boring with Blade and soul,we wait too much for a game …who already exist in different countrie so we see other games. (sorry for bad english,i am french)

  15. I rather see some new shining force games, just my opinion. Sega is still my favorite company, but they need to release games which people , die hard fans really want to see.

  16. Honestly guys. Do you really want to wait for Sega of America to manage this game? I’m not gonna diss PSU as a game, but the fact that the Japan version got so much more support and updates than the American version should tell you something, on top of the unlocalized PSPo2i, and the now constant delays.

    There are free methods of connecting to PSO2’s JP servers, with a more than stellar English patch that translate as much of the necessities as it needs to, and enough content to digest for months. Even IF Sega localizes this, they will be behind at least by 6 months to a year, and unable to give even half of the AC/fun content and events they hold in Japan.

    I doubt the server connections would be much better either. That part I admit is just plain pessimistic of me to say, but at this point, play PSO2 now if you want a good and supported PS experience. There are guides to help you.

    • I can’t help but agree. I wish those morons at Sega America would just get canned already. They’re incapable of actually producing updates or supporting their products, hell, PSU was F2P in Japan after a few years, if anyone remembers. Meanwhile, the US version died, or on consoles, stayed sub fees. The only problems I even have with playing this game in Japanese is the fact I have to us an unofficial translation, and the lag.

      Otherwise, the japanese version is literally the perfect version. Well supported, great team behind it, lots of bonus events and crossovers with other products (like the Miku Hatsune stuff). It’s two different companies entirely. I say fire everyone at Sega America, and hire an all new staff that’s actually going to get their crap together.

    • I honestly stopped caring about this game and have actually forgot about it. And you are right man, I mean when have they ever truly cared about North America? All they really do is give what we want and that’s it, they just leave us to our devices without absolutely no support if problems come up.

      Call me discriminative if you want, but Japan has been and was always known to be xenophobic towards the west.

      • You can blame Sega of America for everything on that front- they’re the ones that dictate what games are brought over, when they get updates, and how long they’re going to shelf things, calling them ‘delayed’, in favor for crappy games they try and come up with. They’re also the reason for the rushed Sonic ’06 release. Just saying, they’re the devil.

        • AKA, it’s none of SEGAJP’s concern or business, but if they can drop SoA, they should and just do things themselves instead of let their western branch ruin our opinion further. Get some other producer to buy up the local license.

          And I agree, don’t bother with a localized version if you’re that interested in playing PSO2, you’ll only buy into it and weep later when it goes down months later, because everyone else who cared has already been playing the game for two years now.


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