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This week, it seems like the EGS has several different types of gamers covered when it comes to the weekly free offering. The game store currently has three free games up as part of its weekly rotation, one for the sports fans, one for crazy platformer fans, and one for action fans.

Sports fans will want to grab Sega's simulation game Football Manager 2020. The normally $50 game allows players to take control of a youth team, managing everything from the team culture to related staff. Those interested in the in-game editor will need to throw down a bit of cash, as that's standalone DLC. The upside is, it'll run you less than $6.

The next game in the freebie lineup is a (normally $7) 2013 action platformer from indie developer Zoink titled Stick it to the Man. It's a somewhat odd offering with a drawn style and a weird narrative about a man who has an accident and develops a superpower -- if you consider having one of those sticky hand toys you fling at walls sticking out of your head a super power. It does let him grab onto things and move them about, so there is that. The downside is that everyone thinks he nuts or dangerous, so you'll be on the run a lot.

Finally, the third offering is Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2. Despite coming out in 2016, this particular game is still priced at $60 (or $50 on Steam). The free version of the game is the Standard Edition, but they do have the Deluxe and Gold editions on sale at 80% off right now. If you're interested in the season pass, it's also 80% off. Of course, those sale prices end with the free offering next week.

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