What’s today? Thursday? No it’s Friday alright, but it sure feels like a Thursday to me. SOE is helping me ease into this weekend with the announcement late last night that Planetside 2 would be holding a double XP weekend event starting at 9AM PST today!

According to a tweet from the official Planetside 2 Twitter account, the double XP is “a Thank You to players for sticking it out through some launch week server instability.” Aww how nice of them. Granted we should never feel like we are entitled to XP weekends due to server instability, but it’s always a nice gesture when a company recognizes those that continue to support them even throughout inconsistencies in service.

If you are new to Planetside 2 go ahead and check out our ongoing Planetside 2 Class Guide video series, those should help you grasp what role(s) you wish to play so you aren’t stuck running around like a flailing headless futuristic cyber-chicken. So go ahead and don your faction-specific spacesuit and hop into your favorite mode of transportation (mines my trusty desert camo Vanguard). Lets get this sci-fi frag party started!

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    • So far there’s nothing besides cosmetics, that Free players can’t unlock. But you gotta do loads of grinding.

      So calling it pay-to-win is a bit harsh. Then again, the price of 1 gun is a ripoff. 7 dollar for a single gun? Nope. 5 dollars for a camo? Nope.

  1. I wont be picking this game up again, until they optimize it for AMD proc, I actually have a decent system and I lag like crazy, forget trying to shoot my rifle in the right direction when I can barely move, for those who want to actually bash me, I am running an AMD A6-4400M 2.6ghz dual core, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram and a ATI Radeon HD 7520G, which is actually a good system 🙂 but like I said this game is optimized for Intel and Geforce Systems

    • Typically Planetside 2 commands a quad core PC. The graphics chip you have actually comes built into the chip. It’s not quite as good as a dedicated card. However for around 75-100 dollars you could get one that could give you playable frame rates 🙂

      I run an I5 2500K Quad Core and a GTX 670 but thats closer towards the mid-high end of things.

      • The computer I have is a laptop, and the funniest thing is, I can run Skyrim on max settings, but I cant run PS2 but yeah you can run it great because you have an Intel/Nvidia system I know people that cant even run it on the new 6 core AMD proc…dont get me wrong love multi core proc, but what I got is freaking awesome, just takes one game out of my list, it was fun but I felt lost in the game…for open world, it felt a little alien to me.

      • and I knew my Graphics chip was built into the chip, but you need to understand with the AMD APU it is a dedicated graphics card, vs the built in graphics card on the motherboard, meaning you can take a A series chip set and put it into any mobo and the mobo does not have a built in graphics chip, so incidently when you upgrade your processor you end up upgrading your graphics core too…fun times 🙂

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  2. so what? exp doesn’t really do anything in this game…..
    certifications to buy abilities on the other hand… that would be more useful.

  3. i’d rather have a “no autoaim bot” weekend so i can actually play the game without getting shot 300m away by a light assault who apparently can snipe better than an infiltrator. no? then i won’t be picking up this game anymore.


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